060: Think Local Or Think Global

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Are you a Jedi warrior of Star Wars technology when it comes to your business? Are you embracing the Internet age? My name is David Lee and I am no longer surprised that so many businesses, I've seen with my own eyes, do not use the technology to leverage what they could be doing that could be running 24/7 because most people are using the Internet as a telephone directory, as a search engine for information, for services, for products. And yet, it is so often under-utilised.

And one other thing that I've noticed is so many think locally and not globally. They're are always thinking as if the customer is just around the corner. It's the foot traffic that they're looking for and not the virtual traffic from the Internet, from the search engines. And what are they doing about it? Quite often, nothing.

So I've got three points here if you can look at the image. It's just like the Star Wars theme. You've got to seek out Google. And does Google even know who you are, or that you even exist?

I'll give you an example. A men's hairdressers near where I live told me. I went and asked him:

David: "I don't find you online. You don't have a website How do people find you?"

Hairdresser: "Oh, you don't understand. Everybody here knows me. They all come past. I get a lot of word-of-mouth business."

But I said to him and I showed him,

David: "But Google doesn't know you. And therefore if I'm new to this town, or I've just arrived, or if I am using Google to find a hairdresser near where I live, you do not exist! And your staff that are standing around doing nothing at the moment, they could be quite often doing work, extra work, that they're not getting now from that foot traffic. And whether you've been here 15 years or not, you can't really afford to be not telling as many people as possible that you exist."

And unfortunately, many people they live in the past. They're not in the Star Wars era, they're in a bygone era, and they keep holding onto what they know. And yet, they know nothing about promoting and marketing, communicating with people. They know how to, in this case, cut people's hair.

So you have to use the force. And when I say that, you have to sell what you know, not just what you do. So, quite often, you have a lot of intellectual knowledge, intellectual property, that goes beyond just the physical goods or services that you offer. More people could be aware of you through what it is you know, through what is your offer, and through what's up here (in your head).

And in my businesses I don't just train people. I don't just develop my businesses. I also impart my knowledge via the Internet where people can purchase what I do online, whether it's online coaching training, or it's via video series, or it's some type of manuals that I've produced or books that I've created. They can purchase my intellectual property online 24/7.

And finally, engage new civilisations, like they did in Star Wars. Can your business go without your physical presence? What happens when you are no longer with us? Something unfortunately happens to you. Have you made any plans, any contingency plans, that would allow your business to even outlive you? That's why I use the Internet as well so that got multi-facets to my business. Multi-streams of income and income that is perpetual, whether I'm here or not here.

I hope this has been informative to start thinking wider than perhaps what you're doing at the moment with your business. This is what I specialise in. Not just the day-to-day running of business, but how we can grow and expand a business much greater and with a great chance of survival in good times and bad times in this economy that were in that is very volatile.

My name is David Lee. Thank you for joining me. I'll have another presentation for you very soon. Thank you.

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