021: The Massive Mistakes For A Website

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These are the big, massive mistakes. Okay? Magic. 95. Think of that rate. 95%.

Now when I go and look at, when you go and look at "electricians in cambridge". When you go and look at "catteries in essex". You'll just see most of them...there's no opt-in. They have no way...they've left me no way of leaving my details in exchange for something.

I look at property investor websites. They do not have an opt-in and therefore I could give a 15-minute consultation. Am I correct? Would that be worth something?

Rajesh: "Yes"

They don't have a multimedia welcome so that we get to know you, an icebreaker. Because if they can see me, connect with me, put their details in, give them a consultation. We tell them what to do. We know people are 95% , they're lazy. They're not going to do it themselves. But, now that we've connected with them they'll ask, "Well you seem to know what you're talking about."

This is what I see, this as what I'm looking for Rajesh. No auto-responders. And when I've been to these business meetings I get their business card. I'm going back and I'm checking. I'm listening to what they're saying. They're totally lost! 95% are totally lost. They have no systemised process of getting the "suspect" into a "raving fan". How to take them through the channels.

They've got no action. If you don't ask for an action guess what action you're going to get off the person? None! You have to tell them what to do Rajesh or they'll get "confused". You have to be very specific. I'm amazed how confused people get.

When you tell them, translate from German into English, like I do at Passion2Profit. I say exactly. I repeat time and time again and then people say to me, "I'm confused." What? Was the German not clear enough for you? That's my Australian humour Rajesh. Hahaha.

But you have to say things clearly so that they know exactly what to do. I'm showing people exactly the formula that I keep using. What formula are you using at the moment? Have you got any system at all to connect with people? The expressive mind, how you are arousing the expressive mind because this is what your mindset has become! It's what I became Rajesh.

I just knew that I didn't fit in from a young age. We came through all the colours of the rainbow on the left side there. "What are you going to be when you grow up?" And then the education system, the conventionalised system, the goldfish bowl churned us out to be identical. How to think. How to respond. How to answer. All these triggers that are in our heads, "scam", "doesn't work". All these things that are outside our comfort zone. We can't...it blows our mind.

And so, what the cost has been? The creativity, the discipline and the true intelligence that I talk about that doesn't get catered for. And, unfortunately, this is what we become. We become a part of the problem and we don't even see it because, remember, we're on the outside looking in. We're on the outside. Take a look and think about the educational system and what it's done to your entrepreneurial mind.

And this, guys if you're in the property field, especially where nobody trusts anybody. That's why I had to get out because everybody is so cynical. They're so looking at the negative if you have an experienced it. And we become like this in life. Hear no evil. See no evil. Speak no evil. I'm sure you understand exactly what that means Rajesh.

Rajesh: "That's exactly."

We are part of the system. We don't realise it. We don't want to believe that we are like that. But I demonstrated it in front of you what, how I took them out and how they jumped back into the bowl.

And I asked them as I'm asking you, "Why is that this system creates so much fear?" If I was with you in front of the microphone in front of a few hundred people, what would that do to you Rajesh?

Rajesh: "I'd probably freeze.

Yep! Why?

Rajesh: "Fear."

Fear of

Rajesh: "Fear of rejection."


Rajesh: "Fear of failure. Fear of making a fool of myself!"

Yep. And what do most people that have been successful, haven't they made a fool of themselves? Haven't they failed?

Rajesh: "Yes."

And therefore, where's the problem?

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