001: Storing Computer Passwords

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Hi! It's David Lee from Your Business Post.

Are you one of these people that forget their passwords? Or, you keep it stored away in a book, somewhere where you've written away, and then when you need it you can't find it, or you've gone with your laptop.

And so you can't remember your passwords, and it's either unsecured, you've left it into the computer like stored in the computer. But if somebody gets your computer they've got access to your passwords because you've stored it on the computer yourself.

What's the alternative? I use a product called 1Password, and I'll give you a couple of alternatives. Very simple. Very easy.

Let's have a look here. I keep a master password into this, and it's online. And here I am in Google and I'll just go to this version. I've got many accounts of Google, and I log in and I've got a password there. I'll go back to that. It stores it for me. And therefore I can keep very encrypted passwords which I don't even have to remember, and it's log me in.

Here's an alternative, LinkedIn. I'll give you an example. I go to here. LinkedIn. Got it in there. Puts it in and I'm already logged in. And Facebook is another one, just to give you an alternative. We could have multiple accounts in a different Google, Facebook or for different people that we have in the household. And there we go.

So what I use is, here it is. It's called 1Password. If you want to do that, it's not that expensive. Download. I'm getting nothing out of this. This will help you with your productivity around the computer. There, you can download it for free trial. You can buy it. It's just frozen up a bit there. There's the price. You go and do your investigation.

Here's another one called RoboForm, and you can go and download that for free. Purchase it. They've got different pricing structures. They basically do the same thing. And I do have...I can open one, in my case, 1Password.

And as you can see here, master password, so nobody...that's the only one have to remember. It unlocks. And as you can see here, in this case, when it opens, I've got all my passwords stored in there.

So I just want give you an idea of the amount of time I see people wasting their time. See, they're all stored in there in the master file which I can use on my...and it's here as a small icon. People waste so much time around their computers trying to find passwords, trying to memorise it, trying to go get the password back again...retrieve, then change passwords.

So, this is a quick tip. Hope that's been of some help. You have a great weekend and I'll catch you soon. Bye! Bye!

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