031: Making Your Own Business Videos From Home

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Hi! Can you see me? Here I am! It's David Lee. I'd just like to have a few words about what I'm doing at moment. I'd like to share with you. I'm quite excited.

I am doing some videoing. Some filming for my upcoming website, and I'm doing it from the comfort of my own home. So, I've got everything I need. I've got a white background here. I've got the lighting and I'm ready to go.

What I'm going to be doing is a Welcome Message from my website. I'm going to be doing an About Me video, just telling people a bit about me. And then there'll be another video that I do for my Products and Services page. So, explaining in my own words what it is I'm offering.

I've also got some video training, so that when you opt in, not only will you get a report that I've personally written myself, but for five days you will be able to go to my new website and there'll be exact instructions on what you need to do to be able to do what I'm talking about yourself. And I'll explain all the challenges that are along the way. Telling everybody what it is they have to overcome. What it is they need to do, but in the back of a mind they'll be thinking, "Oh, I just prefer to have it done for me."

And that's the idea! Just let them know that you are the credible source. You are the person that can show them what needs to be done. But if they want it done for themselves, if they want the product, or if they want the service, guess who they're going to come to after 5 days. It's going to be you.

So, this is a bit of a secret of what you do to develop quickly an idea, test it on the market and see what the response is like. And being personable, letting people know that you exist, that you're a real person. Pre-purchase, post-sale, that you're there, you're available. And this is one of the big advantages you have as a small business. Today people want connection. They want to know that there's somebody there.

Now, what I did. The first thing I had to do a few weeks ago, even though I've been developing this system for a couple of years, I now want to start putting it together. So, the idea that's up here... it's no good up here. It needs to be able to convey to others and that's what I was doing, with people that didn't know what I was doing. Being, expressing...does this make sense? Do they see the value and all that? And they said, "Great idea! Great concept. Yes, I like that."

So the next part was the building the imagery, the branding, the logo...and it needs to be consistent. Everything that goes on to your website, on to your reports, on your videos, your marketing, needs to be consistent. It needs to convey a message and, ideally, needs to be memorable.

So that part's been done over the last few weeks. Now the part I've got to do next is the videoing...right here. Now, take a look. Just take a look. There's the lighting up there. I'll just back that out a little bit. That lighting, plus the stands, plus the blue, green and white backgrounds that I can hang all came together. It was less than £100. It was on eBay. I also got this a few years ago. I even got that second-hand. It was just...all I needed was a screen that I did for my presentations, and I remember I paid £40-£50 for that.

What I'm doing here is I'm using it as a clear background for my videos. If I turned that around I would have a black background. And all it is is a projection screen! Now, here from home I'm able to do this. Now there's no reason why anybody can't do this. It's so simple and easy.

All you need to know is the scripts that you've got to put together. Really, that's what I did. A training weekend. It was called Passion2Profit. And showing people exactly how they get their message together. Introduction, three points, conclusion. But, it's the way you put the message together. Are you compelling? Are you interesting? Are people hanging off the words you say?

So, I'm about to do this filming for the next few days. Just wanted to let you know what I'm doing. And this is what we do for business. It is fun! I do like it, but it is effective as well. So, I'll speak to you soon. I'll get dressed and I'll get ready and I'll see you very soon.

Thank you.

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