022: How To Select A Website Designer

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Ray, can you answer this for me? How much did they teach you at accountancy school, at your accountancy practice how to communicate with the heart? How to communicate effectively? How to have a system about how to engage the person to get them through, as Rick Otton would say, "shut the gate" and emotionally take them from next, to the next and the next? What did they teach you Ray at accountancy school?

Because this guy that we see here in front of us, he met me. He didn't know I was a potential customer. I was looking for a website developer, and as a website developer...Ray says, "None"...as a website developer who's potentially Ray, or potentially Chris, or potentially John, Derek, he's potentially going to build you a website.

What would you imagine his website therefore should look like? What have you ? You're going to, you're thinking about getting a website done, and therefore, when you go to his website what do you expect to see? Should it be impressive? Should it be stand-out? Should it virtually sell itself when you see it? "That I want want!"

Except I looked at this business card. I started talking to him. Highly analytical, as I expected. I've come from that environment. I knew what to expect when I got to the website. Would you, guys, would you like to have a look? There's his front page.

Rajesh: "Yeah, I remember this."

About Us. Oh my God. He's going to build my website? I don't think so! I tested him even further. I rang up his phone number. Do you know what I got? Nothing. Nobody. He wasn't even answering the phone. And, you know what Ray? And you know what Rajesh? What's the magic number?

Rajesh: "95%"

95% are like this. 95%, their websites are not connecting. You wonder what system they've got as a follow-up process. They do not have a system. You could be waking up in their pyjamas. They show their mobile phone number there, so they can ring you at all hours of the day. Why are you giving your mobile number out? I haven't got a clue. It tells that you, your time is worth nothing. I want people coming to me. I want them to know that I've got the gold and they come to me. They follow my process except it's doing it the other way around.

I'm not going to play this, but I show you at the presentation. I show you simple, effective websites that will do this. Now some people will go ahead. We've got Anne is building a website. Anne, you're going through the pain of doing this yourself, of developing a website which I've had to do. I show you what to do. But there will be updates. There will be changes that go as time goes by. You can never be totally up to date.

So an entrepreneur we either, Rajesh and people on the call, we either we've to got do it ourselves or we've got to pay somebody to do it for us. That's it! But I've shown you websites like that where people pay several hundred pounds and the mindset, the thinking is not even there. I told you, when you look at that analytical website, these are the people building your websites What do they know about the expressive mind? What they know about the marketing mind, Rajesh?

Rajesh: "They know absolutely nothing."


Rajesh: "It's bland."

Nothing because their analyticals. And when I look at it they're not looking at it from the marketing perspective. That's why I wanted somebody. I have a marketing perspective. I've work with people around me that understand this. Absolutely! That's why I've got a collective people internationally that we know exactly what will be affective. What works. What doesn't work. I don't need the website developer telling me what he thinks is best. I'm not engaging him for that reason. He's not the specialist in that.

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