015: How To Automate Your Business Processes

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Hi there! It's David Lee here at a tropical island enjoying myself, but also understanding that my business doesn't stop. It runs 24/7 and, I guess, that's what you want too. You want to run your business the same way.

There are times that we have to be there on site, or directly in front of the customer. I don't know what your business is like, whether it requires you to be there 8 hours a day, five days a week or perhaps longer. But is that what you really want to do?

We need, as business entrepreneurs, to be able as much as possible to separate what we know as our "information", our "intellectual property" and what we physically have to do to deliver the service that we need or the product that we need.

But, I'm looking at every business and saying, "How much of your business can we take offline and put online? What knowledge have you got? What other services could you be providing that don't require you to be on site?"

Now, if you, for example, you run a shop...a beauty salon or a hairdresser or you could be a florist...do you want to be there all the time? Can you delegate many of the tasks and have people looking after it? And you overseeing building your business and you becoming the person that people recognise.

In the beauty salon industry I came across somebody by the name...I think her name was Ann McCowan, I could be wrong (actually Liz Mckeon). And she was a celebrity. Everybody was hanging off every word when she spoke. When she wrote her book, she had her face on the cover. Of cause, everybody has their face on the cover of their book because she's understood the principles of marketing to get customer awareness.

And she realised, also, that she had reach far beyond than just the salon. She wanted to reach as many salons as she could. To what? To be able to impart her "intellectual knowledge" onto as many people as she can. You can do that formula too.

So when you explain to me what it is you do I am looking at, as an outsider, "What is your business?" Where can we also be looking to add further business, further sales, on top of what you perceive to be the core business, which could be being in the firing line, in front of the customer, in the shop, whatever. But, what else can we do to expand your business?

Also, I will get to know you because I will individualise. I will be able to find out the best of even sometimes the most mundane things that we do in life and to embellish it. Let people see the excitement that is what you do, why you do what you do because, if you are running your own small business you've got to be doing it from love, from passion and it's got to be from emotion. We'll get that out of you.

I will show you through the Instant Internet Identity system how to communicate your message in three simple steps. It is so easy. That is why I also provide backup support, live training to get you independent and understanding the psychology of the whole process so that you can do this quickly and easily. It is not challenging, but if it's new, it's different, it can be like daunting and so we are afraid to go into the unknown.

I also run a two-day workshop which is also included. It will show to you and get you to understand for yourself how we communicate as humans. How you will have a decided advantage on your competitors because you're using all the tools and technology and the means that are available that really are coming with the system as we upgrade to the Advanced Level and then to the Ultimate Level.

So it all done for you. You don't need to understand how it works. You don't need understand how the car or aeroplane works, you just need to know how to turn on the engine or step into the aircraft and sit down and relax. That's all you need to know. How to get the benefits of it without doing the mechanics. I've done all that for you.

So, as you go along, as you grow you'll be more comfortable. You'll be more confident, and you will get further and further people getting to know you. That's why a simple, short video like this, so people can find you in many different ways whether it's on video, audio or if it's via an article, a blog that you've done. We get out there.

We just do it the once. You see, everything we do is the once and we replicate it time and time again, giving you the leverage that you probably have not got. That's why I keep saying, the guy that's just graduated from uni and does websites, or the cousin or some member of the family that does websites. It is just like the business card that sits there, that nobody looks at and gets thrown in the bin.

We have got a structure. We have got a sales funnel taking people. We get people finding you first of all through all these different media that we've got available. Once they arrive and find you then we've got to guide them through the process. We've got to take them, because they are suspects! Remember when you saw me the first time, suspicious. "What's he trying to sell?" They're looking at you the same way. We've got to guide them through and get them chasing you, because they see and understand what is it that you can do to help them.

That is the process, but it takes time. It's consistent and it's not are an instant solution. It is a progressive solution that builds over time, but the foundations are so much worth it.

My name is David Lee. Go, if you haven't done so, go to Instant Internet Identity, put your first name only and your email address. I've got some video training there and look how I can help you the way I have helped so many people in small business for years now. I look forward to meeting you one day. Thank you very much for spending a few minutes with me.

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