018: Are You A Systemised Property Investor?

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It is David Lee here. I'm doing is one in the water. No, it's not to show off, it's just to show you that even when I'm away, even when I'm relaxing, I do have my business systems still fully operational.

Now, I'll tell you one thing that happened this morning. My laptop just died for some reason. It's probably the battery. But it made me realise that I have to do something about that. In case of an emergency like that I have a backup plan. And I can still get online, but it's not convenient, and that made me realise. So I was literally thankful that that happened just today that I will know to do something about it in the future. It is about being prepared and planning for what you're doing. As I said, I run an automated system that runs 24/7.

Now I'm going to talk to you about property investors that I've had a lot of experience with. They want to develop their own business. Quite often they are starting from scratch and they're doing this for the first time ever on their own merits. And if they have not run their own business before this is where I see a lot of their challenges arise from the very beginning.

And they want to be able to replicate what other people do. They want have the success. They would like to be able to do transactions like I can do here from a remote place on the planet. But they wonder how do you do it, because it is so alien from where they've come from to be able to do that.

And so I see them repeat and repeat laborious tasks that could be automated, that could be run online. And so, instead of repeating yourself time and time again, going out to visit people who quite often are not there. They don't turn up their appointments because they change their mind. You don't have a system and therefore you don't have control of how things operate. You go and do a lot of running around, a lot of time wasting.

And that is where, I guess, my expertise is to eradicate what you can't see coming in front of you so that you can be spending the most productive time, especially if you have a full-time job, doing what you're most effective at. And it's got to be communicating with the people the idea to get them on board and why can't do that online in a virtual environment that runs 24/7?

So that when they get to meet you in person for the first time, and it doesn't have to be physically in person. No, it can be online via Skype. I have done transactions and that's the way I look to initially get to meet people. Why do I have to go see them in person when they can be in front of my face, in front of the camera where I am at?

That is what I'm looking to. That is how I'm achieving the goals. So I could be here. I could be sitting there in the cafe and having a meeting. That's how I keep control of the process. I keep control of the system that I've developed. And that's why they are, maybe you, are running around spending so much time.

And I see this too. I can have my time and I'm doing this, and I can still be effective. But if your time is being taken away because an emergency arises, and anything constitutes an emergency! It could be that you've got a family gathering or that you are absolutely committed 100% to going to your church outings all day Sunday.

There comes a point when you've got to put yourself first. Yes, I can go for a picnic with the family. I can go and attend church service. But when it is cutting so much into your precious time that you don't have too much of, I've got to question how serious you are about your business when these things become priority?

You have to be so on top of your game when it comes to your time, what you're doing, how you spend your time and how effective you are at following up. Because I see too often where people make excuses why they can't get things done. "David, you do not understand. You don't understand. I had this emergency that came up and it had to be attended to."

Let me ask you this. If BT Telecom, for example, somebody died or there was an explosion in the building, are you expecting that service just to shut up shop for a week or two weeks before they get back to you? I don't think so. You have to have the same attitude about your business.

And that is why I say setting up the systems from the outset is so paramount because you will come up with an excuse at the drop of a hat. Because, quite often, your background has been, "I'll try", I'll do my best", "Oh boss, I'll do what I can to make it happen."

But when you are the boss, when you are accountable, things just have to happen. And it is being prepared for whatever can arise, just like when my computer died. I have to now think about how I can be better prepared next time.

So, I'm going to go back to what I'm doing, but I know my system's running for me. And it's just I'd share my thoughts with you if you're in the property investing world, starting out in any type of business. So, I'll catch you later, Thanks a lot! Bye! Bye!


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