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073: Why A Business Entrepreneur?

Why business entrepreneur? Why do you want to do it? Just go and… go to your job… five days a week, collect your salary at the end of the week, or the month. Go and do the things that you want to do. Why do you want become business entrepreneur? There are many challenges. It’s…

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030: Can Anyone Become A Small Business Entrepreneur?

Hello! My name’s David Lee. Let me ask you this question, “Can anyone become a small business entrepreneur?” What you think? I’ll give you my thoughts right now. I believe, “yes”, it’s possible, and the reality is, “no”, it doesn’t happen. Why is that? When today, in today’s technological age it’s easier than ever before…

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025: Demonstration Of The Entrepreneur Mindset

Make yourself interesting and newsworthy. And I showed you an example from last year that I did and it was in the United Kingdom. I had never done this before in the United Kingdom. I had done it with my aunt from Australia. I wanted to go through and get into the media. I had…

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