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087: How To Get Customers In The Restaurant Door

Hi! This is David Lee. My business blog today is from here in the Philippines. I passed by a restaurant. And just like many restaurants I look at the menu and they look the same as one another. I would like to think that you can look at your business the same way, how people…

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086: How To Ask For The Money

“Spare change? Spare some change mate? 20p? I’d like to get some food. You spare some change please? Spare change?” This is survival in its rawest form. I would like you to translate how these people are trying to survive in the life with how you were perhaps trying to survive in your business. Because…

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044: Will Your Potential Customers Buy?

Knowing your customer. Do you really know your customer? Are they buyers or not buyers? What’s the good of getting into a market if they’re very interested in what you’ve got, but they’re not willing to put their hand in their pocket and spend? So you’ve got to be careful of what you say? It…

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