Global Finances Testimonial
Lorraine Yoh, Sydney, Australia

I didn't know when speaking to Lorraine about the financial markets that she followed my own actions that led to a $50,000 windfall inside 6 months in the precious metals market. I don't give financial advice, but am very in tune with how the global economy affects business.

Property Systems Testimonial
Suzanne, Surrey, UK

Suzanne is just one of many property clients that were introduce to the "How to Buy a House for £1" systems from 2002. Property is just another business, and working with my  colleague, Rick Otton I was responsable for liaising with various legal firms to develop the contracts, personally apply the system on 20 occasions properties mostly in Kent, joint venture with co-investors, document the procedures in training manuals, and train people individually and in groups at conferences.

Business Client BBC Testimonial
Christine Blackledge, West Sussex, United Kingdom

As the business mentor to Christine Blackledge, I appeared on BBC radio Sussex and Kent as a result of Christine developing multiple businesses inside 18 months. More importantly for you is that she was using many of the marketing principals that I have incorportated into the Instant Internet Identity system. As I has stated elsewhere, when people get to know about you there are public presentation opportunities that appear, including media. In the space of 3 months Christine also appeared on Sussex TV and in 3 local newspapers!