About Me

With over 25 years of business systems experience I have been exposed to so many areas that most others could not claim. Having been an independent consultant for numerous industries I later spent years developing and launching new business systems for the UK property market. So here is a list of what I can offer your business all in one package:

Business Systems Analyst: Every business large or small must have systems and procedures. I have spent most of my career having to evaluate, analyse and implement changes that mostly the client can not fully see from the inside of their business. From our initial consultation I can impartially make cost-effective suggestions to reduce your costs and increase revenues. My outsider experience in the UK property sector allowed me to radically streamline many outdated processes that the Global Financial Crisis exposed in 2008.

Marketing Consultant: It became apparent to me in 2004 that lacking a marketing mindset is a severe handicap to running a small business. This was a critical difference between small business and larger organisations that typically have a marketing department to that specialise in that field.

People are more likely to do business with you if they feel comfortable about you being the person in front of your business. You can choose to hide like most, but then risk being judged like everyone else in your industry...the same! The Instant Internet Identity system shows you how to best present yourself, in addition to my personal recommendations on our consulation call.

Technical Strategist: A business colleague recently said, "David, you're the type of person that does all the behind-the-scenes work that most people don't like doing." What he was referring to was the technical and detailed work (systems) that make up a great business venture.

The Instant Internet Identity is a system that I developed initially for my own use. I would demonstrate to others, but I couldn't understand why people failed to implement what I showed in exacting detail. Finally, my colleagues words prompted me to just offer people like you a system that caters for all your startup needs with a minimum of fuss as I take care of the technical detail for you.

Copywriter: Because no one understood the property systems I co-developed for the United Kingdom I had to do it myself! It was technical and complex legal language that needed explaining in a way that everyday people could understand so they could appreciate the benefit.

Look how I am communicating my message on this website by way of words, images and videos. I want this site to convey the passion and enthusiasm I have for Instant Internet Identity that I'm sure you have for your products or services. This is what you get here that no website developer can ever help you with!

Finally, what are you looking for in your business? Do you want to go through all the costly learning experience like I did, or would you prefer just to pay the price once and get it done for you? When you see what is offered here in its entirety then you will begin to appreciate the true value exchange in your favour! One thing I can't guarantee, however, is whether the current offer will last forever.