110: Life Is Like A Voyage Into The Unknown – Part 2

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David: "I'm with my trainer, Jon Edeson. I want to speak about FUNDAMENTALS Jon Edeson. When I was here the first time I went to the gym in England and also in the Philippines. I know the gym routines but for me starting is difficult. I know the gym routines but for me starting is difficult. The list...I don't understand in Spanish. I don't know the machines, the weights. But, after 3 weeks I think I'm progressing in the gym. Explain to me and to my friends about my gym progress."

Jon Edeson: "Today's training was more specific using variable weights. You first had to be able to lift some weights according to your routines that you do. You explained to me when you completed here. Just little by little. Progress was little by little while improving your strength."

David: "I feel stronger. I know I'm small. I've always been small. But I feel better."

"About the fundamentals. What practical knowledge and experience do you have that are the foundations of your success? For example, in business, some of the necessary skills can take time. It's for that reason I want to explain. For me here in Colombia without foundations to go to the gym is much harder. Without fundamentals in Spanish would have been difficult. Everyday. Yes, everyday here in Spanish. Do you speak English?"

Jon Edeson: "Less."

David: "My level of communication increases."

Jon Edeson: "Everyday you are practicing more."

David: "I spent more time at the beginning but it made my life easier when I was here. Thank you my friend."

David: " For the 3rd part it's about PERSEVERANCE. I'm with my friend José. How are you José?"

José: "Very well! Very well! Thank you David."

David: "What do you know about perseverance in your work, for example? Louder for the people."

José: "My work is something positive to do every day to keep fighting for your career. With clients it is something very important to do."

David: "I speak about perseverance in Medellin or in life. It's difficult to explain as it's not easy in a new culture, a new language. At times I don't feel good my Spanish is worse when my head is feeling worn out. But I want to continue because I've got perseverance. Many people I know tell me they want to change their lives for the better!"

José: "Clearly. All."

David: "Clearly...they want to. Sadly, I would say that only 5% start and continue on the road to their goals. What about the other 95 percent?"

José: "In my opinion your behaviour is everything need to do."

David: "Thank you."

José: "Without motivation the consequence will not be positive."

David: "It is mentally exhausting to always be listening and talking to people and always looking for the right word, conjugation, past tense, present, future. As well, the pronunciation. It's different for me from English and French."

José: "Clearly."

David: "Where is that correct word? Is it here? Is it there?"

José: "Same for me as well. Yes. It's the same."

David: "However, slowly and surely with each day my head hurts less."

José: "Clearly."

David: "Thanks José."

José: "With pleasure. Have a good day!"

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