074: Information Is Not Knowledge

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Information is not knowledge. The only source of knowledge is experience. I'm a living breathing example of that. Take a look that man in front of you. I selected his image because he's lived through, without doubt, a great deal of challenges. And you can see it etched in his face.

Now, you can read out of a textbook. You can hear somebody speak. Give a presentation and you could be seduced from what you hear. But how much substance is there behind that presentation, behind the person that speaks so well? Quite often there is not the substance behind what looks to be a great stage presentation because developing a business takes time and effort.

There's a lot of business systems, sales, after-sales support, being able to deliver a product or service that creates a fantastic reputation for yourself. Having people talk about you glowingly. To do things that are out of the ordinary... it all takes time. To understand how to delegate your message. How to amplify it. For example, having a book, being in the media, whether it's just local media or national media. I've been through all that. I've also worked with people that are highly influential in the their industry.

And so the merging of all these things over a period of time has enabled me to realise I could never have got this out of a book. I would only get it if I have done it. If I'd been through the challenges. The things that didn't work quite often determined the character of person you become.

Because everything can look fine when everything is running in your favour. But when you hit a brick wall, like for example in 2008. I saw prior to 2008 so many experts, in this case in the property industry. They were so good. They were making money for their clients, whatever! Except they didn't see the writing on the wall. They'd only seen a good market... an upward market. They hadn't seen a down market. They hadn't prepared for it.

And so, my business took off the day the British property market started coming down with a thud. Why? Because my experience told me, "What goes up must come down". And I knew the property market was overheated. It was at the tip and it was going to fall. And I prepared for a few years ready and able to deliver a product, a service and support that people were looking for at that particular moment in time.

Experience told me, "Don't follow the herd! Don't look at what everybody else is doing." Because if you want to do like everybody else you're going to get the same outcome. And, as you know, entrepreneurs are unique, they're different. They are the top 5%! The top 5% and that can be good enough for most people to be successful in business.

You want to strive to be a 1-percenter if you can. And it is only by hanging around people that have been there and done it, and in taken challenges and have developed and grown. And you can see by what they've done makes the difference to who and what they are. And the vast majority that are here today, gone tomorrow.

If you would like the support of somebody in whatever area of your small business... you want to get your business evaluated from somebody looking at it with completely outsider eyes. Looking in. Seeing your business the way that you can never see it. Identify a path. Look at what you could be offering, identifying how you can minimise your costs in this automated, Internet age, just like I do.

And how to create the greatest impact so that you don't need a whole lot of staff working around you, paying exorbitant costs. You can get a lot of it systemised, automated. That's experience that you just can't get at the drop of a hat. Somebody who understands how to communicate, whether in the verbal word, the spoken word, or the written word to engage people. I've had to go through that all along the way.

Information... yes I can quote out of a book! I can sound good, but the actual acid test is put me to the test, or put you to the test and how are you going to stand up? When the going gets tough are you going or are you going to rise to the top?

Thank you very much. You know how to get in contact with me. I've got a video series there for you. Take a look over my website. Get in contact with me on Skype and we can speak for 15 minutes free of charge. Thank you.

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