067: I’d Rather Be Looked Over Than Overlooked

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"I'd rather be looked over than overlooked." Do you understand what I'm about to get to in your business, in what you're doing, on a day-to-day basis? Wouldn't you prefer to be looked over than completely ignored and overlooked like most people in business?

Most businesses, most small business owners... they are completely overlooked and nobody knows that you even exist. They don't care about you. They only care about them. And what are you doing to at least get looked over? To at least be seen and heard and know that you exist?

Because, if you can't do that, if you can't attract the eye of the beholder with all the clutter, all the marketing that they're bombarded with during a given day, how are you going to rise above everybody else?

Now this is one big problem that, when I have my clients, or, when I've got to look at myself, I've got a keep asking the question,

"How can people see me?", or,

"How can they see you and identify with you and know in an instant what it is that you do?", or,

"How you can help that person?", or,

"Why I should even spend 30 seconds listening to you if you've done a video or you've done some type of marketing, whether it's in print or wherever, it is online or off-line? Why am I going to stop and take notice?"

If you've not been trained in anything like this... if you're a great carpenter, electrician, a florist. If you're a fantastic lawyer... nobody taught you how to do this! Nobody told you how to connect with people.

If you understand what it is that you've got and how it relates to them, and you can explain it simply, and get their attention, whether it's by your looks. your mannerisms. your expression. Whether it's on video, whether you're doing some brochures or something that does you set you apart, that allows people to connect with you as a human being.

You see the image in front of you. She was using her body language and she was backing it up with these little quips, these little quotes to get attention. And look at this. Memorable 80 years after she made them. People quote them time and time again. It is the power of the words. The words that you use perhaps that are creating no affect, no impact.

Who showed you how to do all this? This is what I do. This is the results that I've had with my business. How I can look at other people. Show them how to portray themselves the way they can't often see themselves, so that you become the star. You become within your industry the one that people connect with because you do what most others do not do.

So take a look at my website. Register with my video training series, and ask yourself what else could you be doing from what I'm talking about to help you amplify your business to generate more income, more sales and more satisfied customers?

Thank you very much. This is David Lee.

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