086: How To Ask For The Money

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"Spare change? Spare some change mate? 20p? I'd like to get some food. You spare some change please? Spare change?"

This is survival in its rawest form. I would like you to translate how these people are trying to survive in the life with how you were perhaps trying to survive in your business.

Because if your business is a matter of putting food on the table, being successful, bringing up the family... well, let's look at these people and compare it to what you're doing.

These people never actually learnt how to ask for the money. The trick is ask for the money without asking! What do I mean? I'm going to show it to you in three points.

Point number 1: Have you ever heard of this. Give and you shall receive... but give first. Look at this. What's the value exchange that you see in front of you? A hand going out, "Please give me some money. Spare change please." It's like a negotiation. What are you giving me? What are you offering to give back? Give and you shall receive. These people are taking and asking, but they're not giving back.

Point number 2. Have you captured my attention? Or I should say my curiosity or my interest because I'm very quickly walk past. If you look and sound like everybody else, just another person begging for money, giving nothing back. You don't have might interest. You don't have my curiosity. I want to go and pass as quickly as possible. Yes, this is how blunt it is. People are de-sensitised. They don't care about you. That is the reality. Think about that in your business. Why should they give you the time of day?

Point number 3. How do you make me feel? When I see you? When I pass you by? When I have just got a matter of seconds to get your attention? How do you want to make me feel? Do you want me made me feel bad or worse or do you want to make me uplifted, feel positive?

And now I'm going to show you the difference. How this young group of boys that I've seen a couple of times when visiting the Philippines. Just happened to have my camera ready when they jumped into the van. Did this. And every time I can't help myself. I've just got to give.

But the points were:

  • Give and you shall receive... but give first
  • have you captured my interest, my curiosity, my attention, and,
  • how do you make me feel

Take a look for yourself.

This is David Lee

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