075: Your Entire Social Media Marketing From WordPress

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How to run your entire social media marketing from your WordPress blog. My name's David Lee.

Take a look at the image you see in front of you. I've developed it myself and I want give you real-life scenarios what happens. People ring me and they've got a website and it's not performing. They will tell me they've done everything they can with their website developer to get it optimised. To get it working for them.

And, when I look at their website... sometimes, not all the time, they will have key phrases in the meta tags of the website. And hopefully that Google will be able to find them with the meta tags, with the key phrases in the website. But they're not being found!

But one thing that I see that their website, apart from that, is totally static! It is not being updated on a regular basis with new and fresh information. Have you ever heard the expression, "Content is king"? So, if you've got no new and fresh content, Google will ignore you.

And so, it's quite a conflict when I say things like this people that they just can't "set and forget" their website. It's not just like a business card or a brochure. It is something that needs to be updated and something that's preferably unique and relevant to people that would be interested in what you do.

Now it could be things related around your business, your industry, peripheral information that would be of interest. To be able to give people the source of content to give them answers to their questions, therefore defining you as an expert that could help them when it comes to your products and services.

So if you look at Instant Internet Identity, take a look at the blogs. You'll see that I link to my Facebook page. I link to Pinterest. I linked to Linkedin. I'm getting feeds from all those sites. I've also got podcasting that goes out. And Youtube is one big search engine that ranks higher and performs better than any website search!

So I'm constantly putting out a Youtube video which is my blog, which gets transcribed into the blog itself, which goes into the other articles into LinkedIn. And I can get it in all these different social sites all coming back and feeding into the blog, which has alongside it the opt in into my video training series.

So this has all been pre-planned and thought through to take the customer through a series of steps to get them into my funnel that works 24/7. And not only that, you have to get people to your website or to your social sites. That is the traffic. Once they're there you had to engage them to get their interest, arouse their attention.

So it's a two-step phase that you've got a go through, and then get them to commit to either make a purchase, find out more about you, enquire, opt-in. And if you do not have that in place your challenges are so much greater. Yes, it is an investment into your business, but it is an investment that works 24/7, around the world, and getting business that is really doing the work for you, once you go through the set-up phases.

Okay, my name is David Lee. If you would like to find out more, go and opt-in. Go and have a Skype call. See how I can help you and we can chat about that. But thank you very much for joining me for these few minutes.

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