044: Will Your Potential Customers Buy?

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Knowing your customer. Do you really know your customer? Are they buyers or not buyers? What's the good of getting into a market if they're very interested in what you've got, but they're not willing to put their hand in their pocket and spend?

So you've got to be careful of what you say? It could be for the good of your fellow man that you're trying to do something, but if it can't be sustainable for you, if it can't help you to grow your business and look after your family, how can you help all these charities, the noble cause you're talking about further down the track? You cannot do that unless you can look after yourself and survive and grow and develop.

And instead, I know people have this problem, "He's trying to sell me something!", "Oh, there's no sales pitch here.", as though it's like a disease. If you're offering value and you show that what you're offering is value, and people can see how it can help them, are you going to simply walk away and say, "Look, this is what I can offer. I can do this, this, change your life, improve everything make things easier for you but sorry! I can't sell it to you cause I've got a problem selling!" Or somebody's got a problem.

If I'm offering value it is my duty, my obligation, to show somebody, to help somebody, because they will see the exchange in value. Now if there is a value exchange they will perceive greater value than what they are paying.

But the mindset of the non-entrepreneur is, "He is selling! Be careful! He's a salesman!" Because salesmen are what? Salesman are people that you don't trust. They're in it for the money.

And this is why the credibility is important. The people talking about you, so you don't have to sell a thing! No. You don't have to sell. You can just show them, demonstrate them, and the natural conclusion will be, "I want that." That's what you want. I've had people come and hug me so me, thank me, for what I've been able to offer them and give them. They were so appreciative. And what do you think they've told other people? That's what you want.

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