082: Why Your Small Business Needs A Facebook Fanpage?

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Why your small business needs a Facebook Fanpage. Do you have one already? Is it being used? Is it active? Are people finding you? Liking you? Following what you're doing? Or are you doing like most people? They don't have a Fanpage. They may have a website that is quite often very, very static and doesn't do anything! So there is no interaction.

So Google doesn't appreciate it and doesn't give you much credit. Makes it difficult for people to find you easily. And yet, by default, how much does a Facebook Fanpage cost? What was that you said? I'll tell you..."Nothing". It costs absolutely nothing! And how much does it cost to run? "Yep! Same amount... nothing." Just a bit of time.

And the way it is automated, the interactivity, how you can have a multi-media environment, you can communicate between people. You've got all the dynamics in a free environment where people, and you know you know the statistics, people visit daily.

You've probably got to get your staff off Facebook during the daytime cause they're spending too much time on it. So if people are going to Facebook daily, it's by default, you need to be able to have a presence there. So when you, through your typical activity, scroll down Facebook and you see what's going on, do people see what's going on with you? Do you give them anything to cause them to stop, look, watch, listen to what you're doing?

Isn't that what you're doing with Facebook? Yet it's quite often curiosity! What's happening? What's going on? Things that you're interested in. Geez... I just scroll and, before you know it, people are spending all their time of Facebook. On the train, during a break time, in the evening. So much time spent there. If you don't have a presence, what you doing? It's daily visitors that you could be having.

And, as I've mentioned, the interaction. How quickly and easily could you do a Facebook Live? I do a simple Facebook Live .I've done it for 10 seconds just saying, "Hi to everybody! Here I am. Just catching up with you. Hope you're all well!" And I get hundreds of people looking at that! And it's no content at all! No information! It's just "Hi!"

But I could be doing little video clips with a Facebook Live, doing some photographs, linking it in with, say, Instagram, Pinterest. Getting people to and from the different social media sites, because that's where people go to these days. And it is a multimedia platform!

Take a look at your website. How interactive, how multimedia is it? How interesting is it? Why, after visiting your website once, why would I come back? Answer me that. You know that most people never revisit unless you give them reason to. But if you can build up a following on Facebook, through the other social media sites, you're hitting multi-sensory of each individual... multiple senses I should say of each person.

Some people are drawn into what they read. Others are drawn into what they see, what they hear, how they feel. Youtube videos are the most popular that people are spending their time watching Youtubes. Are you creating short videos?

I'm just asking you these questions to get you to realise if you want to do things the old way, like back in the old days, well times have changed. You've got a be actively thinking about how people interact these days and how much bland, boring information they get presented to them. They just dismiss it so easily. What are you going to do to arouse their attention?

My name's David Lee. Think about this and speak to me if you would like to know more how you can use Facebook to develop your business which puts money in your pocket from people that know about you, find out about you, are interested in you, and want to spend money with you.

Thank you very much.

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