058: Why Your Marketing Doesn’t Attract New Customers?

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Hello! This is David Lee. Are you stuck wondering why all your marketing doesn't attract new customers? Take a look at these photos. Yes, these frogs have got a lot of relevance, perhaps to you and your business, and your problem of getting new customers.

You see, they're looking at the world today through their frogs' eyes, and they just don't realise that they're frogs. And I'd like to point out, "Who wants to buy from a frog?" And if you're looking and sounding like a frog, well, why would anybody want to do business with you?

The problem is we can't see ourself the way that other people see us. We think that we are knowledgeable. We think we're the most honest person in the world, and therefore, why wouldn't somebody want to buy from us?

And yet, people choose to because of a variety of reasons. They don't like the way you look. They don't like the way you speak or your presentation. They're not looking so much of how much you can help them, it's how much they feel. And if they feel that you look and sound like a frog they're not going to give you the kiss to turn you into Prince Charming. That's for sure.

The next point is all frogs, like almost all people in business in a specific industry, they all look and sound the same. They talk the same when they're on the phone, in person, their mannerisms. In fact, we get very much trained to behave and conform to everybody. It happens through school and our training for whatever we studied to be in our commercial life. We just don't realise it.

And so if we all look and sound the same how does anybody differentiate us? Now look at those photos. Look at those frogs are doing whatever they can to attract attention, but it's still not working. They're always going to be a frog. But tell them that.

And finally, don't expect love at first sight if you want to stay frog. If you want people to feel engaged with you, to feel as though that you care for them, that you're going to look after them. You're going to have to do something that gets you out of the "pond", that makes you stand out and be different. Because more of it is our body language, our talk language, and it's really it's only about 15% of our specialised knowledge that people go by to make a decision.

So that if I feel as so you can empathise with me, the potential customer, you understand my wants and needs and I feel as though you can deliver what I'm looking for I'm more likely to base my decision on those qualities.

So think about that in your business, about what you doing and ask yourself, "Am I really a frog as well?" My name is David Lee. Thank you.

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