076: Website And Social Media Presence For Internet Technophobes

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Would you like an effective step-by-step guide to an online presence in simple English? The way I can explain this is if I'm somebody that is looking for a product or service and it is totally unknown to me. I'm outside of my depth, but I know I need it.

For example, the lady you see here. She could be a small business owner and she is very well aware she needs an effective online presence. But she doesn't know anything about it... the jargon, the technology. It is all intimidating for her.

An example I can give you personally. At present I'm looking for somebody to do work on the roof. Now I know that I am out of my depth. I'm not familiar and I've got to go and get people to come in and do quotations, just like this lady on work. And I've got to be able to substantiate that this is correct. What they're doing is going to be really what I need. I'm not going to be overcharged, overpriced, no type of guarantees. They disappear and I'm stuck with a bigger problem than what I started out with.

This is what I call them fear of the unknown. Now it seems so logical. You would think it would just be... people would just think of this immediately. Instead of thinking about themselves and talking about themselves. What they do is create, if it's a business card or an online presence, their website... it's just treated like it's a résumé or a curriculum vitae.

They're just talking about themselves. They're not answering the objections of somebody like me, or somebody like her. Now, otherwise, you have to go trawling through Internet searches. You've got to go and find out... review websites to go through all these obstacles.

What if it was all given to you right on the very same place we're you're finding out about the person? For example, I was, again, looking for somebody to do some manual work. So I, by default, which is what your potential customers are going to do, they're going to search Google! And I saw this fellow that was coming and doing the work, had great reviews. He was wanted by the police! And that immediately changed everything. How can I trust somebody like that? Because you are judged in an instant, and you can be brought down very quickly. It takes a while to build a reputation and it can take an instance to destroy it. So, this is the fear of the unknown and also leads to overcoming objections.

So if you can imagine, whether it's building a website or getting some roofing work done or any manual work done to your property, and your totally outside of your league of comfort, what are you going to do to bring me back into a comfort zone that I feel good about?

Are you giving me the things that I really need to know? Those reviews, those testimonials, answering the objections of, "What if?" What if the worst-case scenario happens? Are you answering those questions? Are you making me feel at ease?

And I get people saying me, "Oh, people in the industry, they already know what we do." And I said, "Yeah, but what about what makes you any different?", because he was using a lot of technical jargon assuming that Google and the person looking new exactly what they were talking about. I said to him, "Why would I do business with you over anybody else?" Because all you're doing is, therefore, is coming back to price and who is the cheapest?

So, don't assume anything! You can not assume with Google. He was not anywhere to be found on the search engines, but he thought he had everything in place. The problem is that we have got this thing up here (our head) whether you're a website developer, or you're somebody in the building industry, or somebody doing whatever you do and you assume.

You assume people know what is that you do, how you're going to do it. I want to know how it's going to be done. Quite often they just give me a quotation. Wouldn't it be nice if I had are some blogs there, some videos, some information of how... not only what you do but how you're going to solve my problem!

  • How long am I going to wait?
  • What the typical things that I should be expecting through the process?
  • What you expecting from me?

I've already, off the top of my head, come up with a few challenges, objections, questions that I know many people are going to ask, and yet most people do not answer any of them. They hope that over a phone call if I give you a ring, for whatever reason I'm going to pick you over somebody else, it's all going to make sense over the phone.

You need to do some preparatory work. And that's why I say, in simple English, make it easy to navigate. Integrate social media and make what you doing effective and affordable so it runs for you. It works for you.

Thank you very much for joining me on this video report. My name is David Lee.

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