094: Small Business Marketing Funnel Demonstration

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It's David Lee for today's business blog.

David: "I'm with Anne, is that correct?"

Anne: "Yes. Anne!"

Anne works at the gymnasium here in Iloilo City. She invited me the other day, and Sabera, my wife, to go down and have a drink together at the local cafe.

David: "Is that right?"

Anne: "Yeah."

Well, what he didn't say was she also had a motive to take us down there. Now this is no different to you when you are speaking to your potential clients. You're really trying to assess if they are going to be future clients.

David: "Rather than just potential."

Anne: "Yes."

So it is a process.

David: "Now you're a gymnasium instructor."

Anne: "Yeah. Yeah. I'm a gym instructor."

As you can imagine, if somebody's coming to the gym they are interested in their health and well-being.

David: "Is that correct?"

Anne: "Yes."

David: "And so, that is your primary concern and your expertise. Correct?"

Anne: "Yes."

If you meet people in your business and you are thinking, "Maybe this person would be a good client of mine. They qualify for many reasons." The question that I'm going to be asking you, "How are you going to take the people through the process? What are you going to do?"

David: "Because most people, Anne, in business have not been trained on how to communicate, how to understand people, how to anticipate objections, how to answer the objections before they come up. So that the natural procession of things is to lead the people to the 'Promised Land'.

Now if you have what they need, why would they say 'No'? It could only be for a couple of reasons. Maybe it's for financial reasons?"

Anne: "Yes! Yes! Yes!"

David: "I could be a reason. But if you can alleviate that, and you take away all the objections, what other answer is there for them except to say, 'Yes'. Is that correct?"

Anne: "Yeah."

David: "So what I'm going to do with Anne, and you don't mind? This is a learning exercise."

Anne: "Okay"

David: "Okay. I'm going to go through the process of what you did the other day. Now don't be too uncomfortable. I am being kind time."

Because I have two hats on. Yes, I am a qualified person to be able to take up the supplementary nutritious food supplements that you offer. I am qualified. But how do we take us through, because we've got to get the people through. And we've got to do it in a way so that they say, "Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!", all the way along. So we're going to go down to the café and we're going to continue down there. "Is that okay?"

We'll see you down there.

David: "How do you feel when you're drinking that?

Anne: "I feel so nice. This is so refreshing. Nutritional for my whole life. Especially to my students."

David: "Okay. You're trying to sell them. Stop trying to sell them."

Your customer, their expectations...

David: "Because you have just said to me that things change when you are testing, trying, you feel a lot better."

Anne: "Yes."

David: "And yet, you were denying me that experience!

Another thing I will let you know is. Do people that buy, make purchasing decisions based on how they think or how they feel? Do they primarily buy on logic or emotion? One or the other, tell me. "

Anne: "It is your emotions."

David: "Correct. And what we are doing is changing the emotional state of the person. Now they're getting the satisfying taste... hmm!"

Anne: "So nice?"

David: "And so, now, instead of me filling out forms, going through a mechanical process, which I resisted deliberately because she was going through a process that she'd been pre-programmed do. Is that correct? "

Anne: "Yes."

David: "And, what is happening is, in many respects, she's losing the sale cause she's not demonstrating for me the benefits.

Did you notice after we did that I still did not get my drink. She came up to me with a book full of stats, statistics, facts and figures and pictures. Did you see that? The booklet, and she showed me all these different pictures. That is called information overload."

Anne: "I think information."

David: "Overload."

Anne: "Yes."

David: "Because I came for a drink."

Anne: "Came for a drink."

David: "I came for a drink. I've been switched off by the fact that now they want all my details. It's an international company. So now I've been pre-programmed on what to expect.

Can I make a suggestion how this whole process could be improved?"

Anne: "Of course!"

David: "Okay. I was going with an expectation of having the drink Yeah? And, when I had all this, wouldn't it have been great if I had been welcomed and you had arranged the drink to come to me immediately.

And then we sit around and we have the drink together. And we talk about having the drink. And then, through your personal experience, you're talking about why you do this and talking about the drink and why you're feeling better. And we're not talking about the sales matter. We're just having a chat. Cause there's nothing that I like better than having a chat. And a lot of people love having a chat. But do they like the feeling of being sold to?

If you were to offer somebody this, say, half price on their first visit, how would they feel about that? How would they feel? If you offered somebody... the owner offered half-price, how would they feel? Half price on the first visit."

Anne: "It's good for you!"

David: "Ahh... I feel pretty good. Therefore, I would be interested if, in return, can I just send you more information.

If they bring a friend, the friend can come and have a drink at half price... just for being so nice! I haven't sold them anything yet.

Anne: "We offer them first when we talk to them. You have to communicate with them."

David: "The key what Anne just said this is about communication in any business!

Every single step...wrong, wrong, wrong! And you're paying every single time to get it wrong. Is that making good sense or bad sense?"

Anne: "Bad sense!"

David: "It's bad sense! And yet people do this all the time. If I can show quickly and easily how you can improve it. Do it with less effort... is it worth it?

I can't tell you about the arts and crafts. I can't tell you about science. I can't tell you about so many things like fixing a car. I know nothing! I will admit it. But I know about what I'm doing. It's hands-on from years of experience. Why people go through buying decisions. Why they don't. And if you don't have a system in place to accommodate this you are just doing everything like...it's like, do you play darts? Ever played darts?"

Anne: "Yes. Like that?"

David: "Yep! Try playing it blindfold cause that's what you are doing Anne. You're hoping to hit the bull's-eye."

Thank you very much. This is David Lee with Anne here in Iloilo City. And we're going to get back to our shake. I think it's this one. And I wish you were here!

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