014: Self Marketing For Small Business

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Now here is an example, a very simple website.

The idea was, "Let's build the hungry herd" and develop the website later. But look at the headings, "Got An Emergency Plumbing Problem? Are You Looking For Guaranteed Work? Worried About Who To Call?" Here's the answer...

Derek: "Hi! My name's Derek. I'm the Kingston Plumber,and I live locally in the area. So if you have a problem, such as your drains are blocked or you've a problem with your heating and your boiler's not working and you're tearing your hair out and you really need the problem fixed, you need to call me...which is the number written down below. I'll read it out for you."

Get the point? Everybody...I've spoken to many people. I show this presentation. I show plumbing websites, many plumbing websites where the heading is a shower tap. It's a basin. It's a sink. They all look and sound the same and then I show Derek and every time I show him in front of a lot of people, I say, "Who are you going to call?"  And the say, to a man and a woman, they're all going to ring Derek. Why wouldn't they? Derek has taken the time to introduce himself, answer all the questions you have got.

And Derek appeared on page 1 of Google, page 2 of Yahoo and page 1 of Bing and I couldn't get him off there. He used video. He communicated his message. He had Youtube videos there, testimonials, and that made a big difference, but there was an art in doing this, putting it all together.

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