024: Overcoming Objections Of The Sceptic

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I'm thinking like the sceptic. I am guilty until proven innocent, and I have to think like that. Because that is the process. The prospect is jumping one-at-a-time over these hurdles till he becomes the customer. And, in effect, he is not the prospect. It's the suspect looking at you as a suspect. Then he becomes a prospect. He may opt in. He may phone you. Then, if you're doing it right, the customer, the raving fan that will tell everybody about you. But you have to think that way. You have to unearth the objections that they're not telling you about.

I know people have got objections. All I can do is be consistent, Rajesh, with who I am, offline, online, in person online. Maybe not saying the message that people want to hear, telling them the reality. If they want reality I can help them. If they want fantasy, go somewhere else. I'm not into...you've seen exactly when you had a guest that turned up on Sunday afternoon at a two-day workshop. He walked into the room. How long did he stay in the room for? Did you think I was actually going to let him sit down?

Rajesh: "No. I was actually, actually shocked that he actually had the guts to turn up when I specifically said to him, 'You can't cause you have to go through the system that David's provided and you have to pay the entry fee, simple as that'".

You got time. You manage it. I tell you system. You turn up on time and be there on time. You demonstrate you've got the right attitude. If you don't do these things, Rajesh, what's are saying about you? If you're going to be a very, very important meeting won't you do whatever it takes to get there on time?

Rajesh: "Yes."

And therefore, if you're not treating it like something that is of importance, if you're turning up on Sunday afternoon, what's that telling me immediately about you?

Rajesh: "You're not serious. You're part of the 95%."

And so, when I say to people, "You can come along one time for free for purchase of the book", do I mean that?

Rajesh: "Yes, absolutely."

And, if you do not have the courtesy to advise me in advance or let me know, are you coming back again the next time because it's just a seminar? No. You're going to be paying the true value. I have the system and I know people will not like it. But I'm sorry, if we are serious about our business we must, therefore, it is our baby, and we take it the same as bringing up a baby.

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