Overcoming Customer Objections Before They Arise

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If you are meeting and greeting a potential customer in person then prepare to be judged in the first few seconds! There is little or no loyality out there except that which you create, prove and sustain. We must be self-critical of ourself and look at us the same way as our "suspects" do at us.

Having had many years of experience of exactly how the general public perceive property investors I, at times, felt like a criminal by the way strangers would react to me. I can never forget greeting someone to view a house I was offering on rent to buy and the first thing that came out of his mouth was, "What's this all about, don't you know this is rip-off Britain?"

My current client wanted to walk down the same path as I had 14 years earlier. Despite having advised so many people like him in the past of the "path of least (customer) resistance" there are some things that are best left to learning for themselves...the hard way! We think we know best and can't be told, even from the voice of experience.

Without my input he would have done like most others, running around following up on distrusting house sellers that don't always keep appointments, prefering to believe all the stories from their unlearned friends, families and advisors, and getting himself tongue-tied and instantly lose credibility.

For each individual I am observing them from the outside looking in. I told him, "Left to do things your way I wouldn't buy from you." Yet, he is a good-hearted person that really wants to help people. "You have no proof, credibility, and complicate things like so many adults do in life." I had to change the outsider's perception of him from one of, "Why should I do business with you?" to "I want to do business with you."

If you want to be a carbon copy of everyone else you'll end up doing things like a [COPY]+[PASTE] imitation of most of your competitors. Before meeting you in person I want those "suspects" to see you for the person you are and to overcome customer objections before they arise.

The welcome video below that greets you on his website is not perfect...but it's real. With practice he will get more relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera. Just by talking with him, hearing his life story and having an insight into what makes him tick...I bring out the best in him and disarm many of the sight-unseen objections that people carry around in their head through their environmental conditioning.

I am much more likely to want to do business with him now. But, answer me this, "Why should I do business with you?"

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