008: Marketing To Your Hair And Beauty Salon Customer

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Now I'll introduce myself. As I said, my name's David Lee. I've worked in small businesses, including my own, for over 25 years. And there is a common thread between all small businesses, including your beauty salon. They are all made up business systems that must integrate and relate, and run virtually on automatic pilot.

Now, are you doing that at the moment? For example, I developed business systems for private residential property for people to get onto the property ladder. I saw a problem. Now, your problem with your customers is that they want to be transformed into looking good and feeling great and feeling confident and have people compliment them. It's not just cutting hair or doing facials.

In the property market people wanted to have their own home, not just buy a house. And I had a lot of immigrants quite often that couldn't get access to the banking system. So I provided a stepping-stone solution. They wanted home ownership, security, a place for family. That was important to them. So I developed a system called, "How to Buy a House for £1". It was really a stepping stone system to somebody to get the paperwork in place, to acquire the house that they are going to buy down the road, but they were building up their deposit.

Sometimes they would start with as little as £1 because did fix-up work on the house and they improved the value and they were building up their deposit. And they made the payments on time every time and I never got my houses trashed. In fact, they always improve them. It worked for me. It was a win-win situation.

But what I discovered along the way, and what is vitally important to your business, no matter how great this system was, no matter what it did, I had to be able to communicate and let other people know and show proof of everything. It came down to marketing, communication...letting people know that I exist and what I do. And this is a big leap for a lot of people. How to jump out of your own way and let people know about your business.

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