012: How To Start A Hair Salon Business Plan?

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Now here is a big, challenging question that we have to ask from the outside looking in, "What business are you in?" And it's not just cutting hair. It's not just facials or nails. It's something else. It's the transformation that I spoke about.

So if you think of yourself as a Hairstylist, or a Salon Owner that's also a hairstylist, maybe that's the cut-off point. Maybe that is the end. And it might be a moment to think, well maybe this is not for you. Stop the video and go back to what you're doing. That's fine! But ask yourself, "Where are you going to be in five years time?" Are you still going to be cutting hair, chasing customers, spending so much time and energy away from your friends, family and your home because isn't that the reason that you're doing it, for them?

And therefore, if you're spending all your time devoted to chasing the money, what's your time worth? Is it worth so little? Don't get caught in that trap. That's why I'm showing this should be the beginning for you.

Walking up that stairway should include, by default, becoming a business salon Entrepreneur. Thinking outside the realms of just being an owner.

And if you are an entrepreneur you absolutely must be a Communicator! Who best is there to talk about your business, the passion that you have for what you're creating than you? People will hang off every word that you say, if you give them a reason, if you let them know that you exist.

There are people that want to know about becoming a beautician, a salon owner. Use your knowledge, your specialised skills that you've developed over the years and be an Educator. Teach people.

You may even find, you will find you've gone and taken the challenge to do more, people will ask you to speak at functions that therefore will amplify who you are in the industry.

And why not become an Author? I'm an author as well because people want to know about my expertise. What book have you got inside of you?

And finally, you become a Leader and a leader there directs other people. You make changes in the world therefore, if you want multiple salons you can do it, but you train, you educate others to do the work for you.

Doesn't this sound more exciting than having to go into work every Monday and starting all again just like Alan, sometimes going without his wages?

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