061: How To Integrate All Social Media Into Your Blog

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Hi! My name's David Lee. Would you like to know how to integrate all your social media into your blog so that your website blog becomes the focal point for everything else? So that people find you from the virtual world and they come to your website, via your blog, and they come into your funnel that way?

This is what I do and if you look at my website you'll see that I'm doing this myself. And all I do is get in front of a camera like this to start off and record a short presentation. As you see I've got a diagram there. I've also got under a webcam, a Logitech webcam. I've got three bullet points that I'm about to go through.

And because I am talking about subject matter that I'm very comfortable with that is what I've doing in my business life. And if you're doing the same are you able to communicate your message on a specific topic that you could dedicate 3-5 minutes into producing unique content? That's exactly what I'm doing and what I'm going to show you.

Now in point number one you use your blog, as I mentioned, as the focal point your social media. So if you look at the diagram here, with the professor, I'm using Facebook to link into my blog. I can connect in that way so people will find this video on Facebook with some content information on my Fanpage. I also use this diagram in Pinterest. So I'm getting interest in that social area and then they follow-up where they can hear me talking to see that I'm really talking about the subject matter that I've displayed on Pinterest.

The Youtube is there. Youtube is a big search engine, just like Google, and it ranks higher than even website searches if you're just doing a normal Google search. So that is another benefit of putting that into the blog. You're using Youtube so it finds you and you point to it into your site. Getting the picture?

I also bring in LinkedIn for business reasons. I create content, unique content, for LinkedIn which gets good ranking, and if I'm developing a community, building a community of business people in a LinkedIn environment, that is getting their interest, attracting their attention, coming to my website, and potentially doing business either as a customer or as a joint-venture business partner.

And so this starts to have tentacles that go out all over the Internet. Now, I'm trying to bring as many people back, because once they come to my blog on my blog, as you notice, I also have the opt-in there as well. So therefore I'm getting their curiosity, letting them know that I am the authority in what I'm doing like you should be the authority and they will come into my training video series so they can find more about what I do.

Now, as I finish up, I can't do everything myself and that is why I have virtual staff working for me doing everything else, putting this together, so I just sit here. I create content and they perpetuate it in multiple formats, in audio, video, in text content, so it can be found on the Internet. You could be doing the same or I can get it done for you.

My name is David Lee. I hope you found this informative and join me on my next presentation.

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