017: How To Create A Business Celebrity Status

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This is my Aunt Mavis. She lives in rural Australia. She doesn't have a computer. She knows nothing about the Internet. But she had somebody in her family who did, and was able to make her a household name across the world.

"Hello, welcome to my website. I am Mavis Cox from Mudgee, Australia, and I live about a 4-hour trip from Sydney. Would you believe I'm in my nineties and I still enjoy sewing?"

She's in her nineties. What's your excuse? She got in the local newspaper as a result of exactly what I'm showing you. I got a call because somebody heard about her and wanted to add her into a story and made her the lead person about seniors chasing their dreams. That was in a North American magazine with a circulation of half a million.

Guess what happened to our opt-ins? People were leaving their name and email address. She was doing tele-seminars worldwide! People got to know about her. She was doing sales all automatic, online. And when it was her 90th birthday she got messages from all over the world. And this card was presented to her in front of her family. How proud were they?

Recently, I went to the Philippines where I have business associates, and within the space of two days I had three newspaper articles appearing about me about a presentation I was giving to business owners in the Philippines. Nobody knows me in the Philippines! I was a complete unknown. But the formula, the system, that I'm showing you allowed this to happen.

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