051: How Are You Reaching A Mass Market?

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Meet the masses! The Internet is there. You've got technology like the websites. You've got mobile marketing so people can find you. They can see what you're doing. You get out to the wider world, not just in your own backyard, but further afield, and therefore you've got access. Just don't think locally like we may have done before, and you can be accessing so many people.

Why is it not possible that you could introduce what you're doing to another business partner? Show them how to benefit. Do a joint-venture relationship. How you can reciprocate between each other.

Use of technology! I've got a fellow by the name of Steven Essa on my page. Go and have a look at what he does. I've trained with him. I've used webinars a lot because it gives me my face, my voice out there in the market.

I'm able to communicate as nearly as good as one on one. When you can communicate as effectively, and it's real and it's a natural environment, people will do business with you. Point of difference. Most local business don't do it.

So look at the technology. How to embrace it. How to use it, because it can be to your advantage. Because most people are living in the past. They're waiting for the economy to come back like in the old days. It's not coming back like the old days!

Please, before I finish up, look at all the people, all the specialists that I've been working with and does it make sense. How I've got to have the understanding, put the whole package together. And therefore, with all that knowledge that I've acquired over the years that you need to go through yourself, that I can just replace the "Business in a Box" at the very top because I've got the skillset. I've got the outsourcing. I've got the contacts. And that's what you want.

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