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I wrote, as a third-party, I wrote this article and I saw the story as soon as I saw this paragraph with Christine and the students who were 30 years younger than her. I put the story together in about 90 minutes, no more than that. I integrated her name with the people she was working with. I built the story around that. I got the one newspaper, an online newspaper, to publish this.

And therefore, from that I took it to the next newspaper. To the next newspaper. Three newspapers. And it got easier with each one. Now if you guys are doing the same, what is stopping you? Now with three newspapers in the local area, cause you're all probably working local with where you are, with your practice. How are you helping anyone being newsworthy? Take a look!

TV Presenter: "Hello! Hello! Hello! And welcome to Brighton Lights..."

This is your business...for free!

Christine: "Hi Ruth! It's really nice to be here. My business is, I'm a consultant..."

That's what she does. Show me your system!

Christine: "This is the business system. This is the manual..."

Now, are you telling me, you on the call, that you would not take this up if you had the opportunity to get on community TV in your area? If you had this opportunity for more people connecting with you to find out about you, to get a celebrity status where people. Now you've got credibility. You've been on the BBC. Are you people on the call telling me that you would reject this outright? Please can answer it. Would you reject it?

Radio Presenter: "In My Life guest this afternoon is mother of four, Christine.Blackledge..."

Would you do it?

Radio Presenter: "She's been hailed as an inspiration after transforming her career in just 18 months...Well, sat next to you is your business mentor, David Lee. What was your first impression of Christine?"

David: "She was very quiet. What I noticed she would diligently take notes, and didn't say too much. And all I did was extract out of Christine what she already had and help her develop and systemise what she wanted to do. And it's such a pleasure to hear her today talking to you, because the Christine you're seeing today was not exactly like the one we met 18 months ago, was it Christine?"

Christine: "Yeah, that's right, yeah."

Radio Presenter: "So you've changed a lot in the past 18 months?"

Christine: "I've become more confident."

Would you do it, guys? Would you do it? Just let me know.

Rajesh: "Yes."

Or would that be too much for you?

Rajesh: "No."

Or you'd rather go on doing one-on-one. Going around to network meeting after network meeting, talking to people that don't believe you, instead of having one hit forever and a day. Have that you can use forever...would you do it?

Rajesh: "Yes."

Even if you're the most meek and mild person in the world? I'm about to write out a cheque for £20,000... Will you take it?

Rajesh: "Yes."

If you go down to the railway station and you've got to be seen in front of everybody with this goofy boards on...will you do it?

Girl from live presentation: "Where I've got a problem with that..."

It's telling me about the character of the person. Cause I'm not saying you have to do that. I'm saying, have you got the mindset that it will allow you to step out of what you're doing, or are you just going to follow everybody else? Therefore you assure your business mindset. This is as we wrap up Rajesh.

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