033: Creating A Successful Small Business

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Hello! This is David Lee. Are you starting out in your small business? Are you wanting to create a successful small business?

What I'm doing here, in this short presentation, is I'll give you my top three tips for any small business, even if you've got minimal budget. Not much money. You could be working a full-time job and you're doing this in your own time, but you want maximal results. Is that you? I'll give you do three things that I think will help you the most.

Number 1: Target Your Market. You know what your product or your service is, but you have to clearly identify who that marketing is and communicate your message so that they understand what it is you've got.

So, one of those you have to learn when running your own small business is that you are marketing person, and therefore out of the crowd that you see in front of you, only a few are going to be relevant. And only fewer than that are going to be targeted people that will actually invest in what you've got.

So before you go and spend a lot of money find out who they are, communicate, bribe people, if that's what you've got to do, whether online or in newspaper, prints, whatever. You could even put brochures out locally if you're wanting feedback, if want to get people to connect back with you.

Offer them something in return. And when you do that you can therefore give them a special offer. Get their testimonials, which is the proof but it gives you the foundation at very little cost. So these are the things that I have to identify upfront to know exactly what it is I'm offering, what the expectations are, what the objections are from my target market.

Number 2: Create Your Online Presence. A website is just one component of that presence. Most web designers just build a website that people visit for 5 seconds and less and disappear. Is that what you're wanting?

An online presence is:

  • the integration of multimedia onto your website, of downloadable products like videos or downloadable and printable material that people can consume
  • the integration of social media into things like Facebook and LinkedIn
  • your blogs where Google can constantly update their search engines and find you with active and relevant material integrating that all.

Podcasts I do. Building, this is a big word, building community.That is what you've got to do. Things like webinars, teleseminars. I've done all that to get the interaction. That was the way of building an online presence.

Now today, for example, I was watching one of the most popular online TV shows that started out on YouTube, and it's just an online. People are moving away from the traditional ways of consuming information. You have got the same opportunity with your online presence.

Number 3: Become An Author. Why? Because you have credibility. You're in a sense creating the "celebrity" within your niche, within your industry. Now, what have I said so far? Target your market. Create an Online Presence, and, Become an Author.

An example of what I'm talking about is...when I was doing this for the first time on an online basis I was working with my 90-year-old aunt. We put together an e-book, a digital book, that we were selling online and still do sell for $20.

We interacted via teleseminar. We got engagement with people. We built up a list. We used all this...and the fact that she was an author to springboard her to the next level, which was getting her into the media. She was even in an international magazine in North America with a circulation of 500,000, local newspaper because of the story. She was communicating by teleseminar. She had the book.

Now, if she was younger than 90 years of age I would have got her on to TV. But this is the foundation from very, very small to expanding very big. My motto is, "Start small...THINK BIG!"

So, they're my three tips! That's a practical sense of how I used it. Target your market, your online presence, and becoming an author.

If you want more information on what I do, how I can help your business, go to my online website that you can see the details there, and I look forward to catching up with you.

Thank you very much! This is David Lee.

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