016: Answering Objections Of Salon Clients

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Are you as good as what you say you are? Yeah? Are you the person that's providing that award-winning service? Are you delivering on what you say? When I come in there, do I feel good whether I'm an employee, whether I'm a customer? Am I happy to be there? Do I feel as though I'm being looked after? Are you doing things that most other people, training want-to-be people that want to get into the industry, getting spoken about, being the person that's the conduit for many things?

Doing this, what I'm showing you, you will be invited to speak at different functions, getting more people aware of your business. Is this not making sense? For those special occasions, whether it's in the media, for TV, for special functions. They call on you, because you're on the tip of their tongue. They're thinking about you!

And I will repeat, 85% of your financial success is not what you know as a beautician. It's due to your personality and ability to communicate, negotiate and, shockingly, no not now it's not shockingly, only 15% is due to your technical knowledge. That's from the Carnegie Institute of Technology.

So, what is it you want to do? You want the hungry herd (crowd) coming to you. Why should they do business with you? Or are they just going to disappear into the background?

Please, understand, what I'm showing will make all the difference. The process is, first up, to attract people, to get them aware of you. To arouse their attention. But when you've got their attention, online...5 to 8 seconds. When they meet for the first time in the store, in the salon, are you going to get them coming back? Are you converting them to be customers? And more than that, to retain them as ongoing customers?

This is the process you must have on autopilot, and have them therefore referring more and more people to you, because you are customer focused. You are answering their needs.

Because, many times when you build your website it's left dormant and Google doesn't like that. If you ignore Google, do you know what Google will do to you? Google will ignore you.

Do you have a blog on your website? Do you have social media integrated into it? Do people know about you? They don't have to know everything about your personal life, but do you share a part of who you are? Your passions? Why you got into the industry. Why you're so enthusiastic about it. The customers you've been able to help and transform. The result. What are you doing that's so different to the most people who do exactly the same that are identical.

This is your window to the world. Never has this opportunity existed where, instead of having to get people through the door, you can introduce yourself to the world, whether they're around the corner. And, by the way, that is what most business salon owners do. They rely on word of mouth "around the corner". Around the corner these days is around the world!

You can do the same thing online with your website because this is an environment of sight, of sound, and of touch. And are you utilising it? Are you connecting with me? Are you talking to your customers, doing something like I'm doing now? Doing more than what most people are doing.

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