Instant Ultimate

Life In The Fast Lane

For most small business owners I would strongly recommend not progressing to the Instant Ultimate Package until you have consolidated your operations at the lower Instant Starter and Instant Advanced levels. At the Instant Ultimate Package we are now customising our interactions with interested prospects and customers rather than with those on social media that may never purchase from you.

Here you shall be in charge of your own auto-responder system whereby you are the one collecting the names and email addresses of those that optin to your website. Just like I have my own private video training series and report on my Home page, you too can replicate the same. We introduce you to the world of Podcasting which shall does not translate to that much extra work but does give you added external exposure. And finally, this may be your first-time exposure to outsource peronnel, but without the trial and error frustration and months of training that you would otherwise potentially face.

Building Your Own Community Of Interested Followers

I see so many small business websites that give no "ethical bribe" to visitors to get them to leave their contact details. Once they are gone, they are usually gone forever! With our auto-responder database we engage them to want enter their contact details, thus giving you the opportunity to warm them up to us as the only logical choice to do business with. They are going to spend their money anyway, so it may as well be on you!

internet-identity-3d-report-videoWe are going to prepare custom-designed images for your FREE report and up to 5-part video training series. If you want to win people over then the report alone is not enough. Again, my live and library training will show you the exact steps to hold their interest and give them a call to action.

We will do the technical things like set up the auto-responder for you and connect it to the opt-in box on your Home page.

What's the power of having a database of people interested in your specific niche business? Now you have the power follow up with them, provide special promotional offers, contact them about any online or in-house training, do joint ventures with complimentary partners where you make sales commissions on their sales. You need to be thinking what else your people would be interested in beyond just what you offer them. That's the power of having a database!

For Their Eyes Only And Not Everyone On Youtube

Youtube is ideal for creating widespread video awareness about you and the products and services surrounding your business. But not everything should be given away for free. For example, why would anyone subscribe to your opt-in video series if it is freely viewable on Youtube? Having reached this level you need to be selective and for that reason also need a private video channel where you can choose to exclude the general public.

We will also set up your new Vimeo account that will become part of your Instant Internet Identity system. What will separate you from most of your competitors will be that with my training you with know how to create short, snappy videos and know how to upload them in minutes. You keep yourself fresh in the mind of people who begin to feel like they know you, can trust you and therefore want to do business with you.

Please note that we have tested many 3rd-party products over the years that you can both visually see and those you can't. You are avoiding the time-consuming and costly exercise of testing and guessing what to use and what to avoid.

Repurposing Your Video Content For Audio-Only Listeners

You have created video content perhaps for your blog posts or from a video training that you have already done. Why not use that same content and have it repurposed into audio only and sent out onto your one of multiple podcast channels that again we are going to set up for you. Your content will literally be downloaded onto your subscribers computer or mobile device within minutes of it being posted!


The hardest part of getting this right is in the set up, and we will do that for you, including the consistent branding of your business across all platforms.

Now you are reaching audiences in written, visual and audio formats across a vast network that all point back to you. Now compared your Instant Ultimate Package to those standalone websites that obviously now look like virtual real estate residing in a ghost town that no one visits.

How complicated is this formula? You do just one video blog post per of 2-4 minutes duration. What you have done is create enough video, and text content to keep Google and all the other search engines more than happy, no matter what algorithm changes they make. Video especially is far easier to outrank website copy, if you follow what my inclusive training will teach you. Having your content in audio-only format is just a bonus!

Generating Leads From Word-Of-Mouth Marketing

The internet is there as a tool to automate your marketing funnel 24 hours a day 7 days a week! However, traditional methods of the spoken word in person can not be ignored either. The problem is typically that marketing literature like business cards or leaflets are so forgettable, have no intrinsic value, and fail to even arouse the slightest curiosity.

You will have custom-designed for you double-sided and in full colour a business card (pictured) and a promotional card (for business associates) to bring new leads! More than that, you will be empowered with the right words to say to emotionally engage leads to qualify or disqualify them in minutes.

Finally, you will also have a structured approach to getting those qualified to move through your pre-prepared online marketing funnel. No one has ever shown you how it's done...until now!

Your Introduction To The World Of Outsourcing

From the outset at the Instant Starter Package I mentioned how I am giving you a means to cost-effectively take control of and grow your business. You would be trained by me along the way bring out the best of you. The burden of researching and understanding most of  the  technology you would otherwise encounter has been removed.

You shall experience what it is like to have people already trained and familiar with this system being able to do the repetitive ongoing tasks for you!

With my own team in the Philippines also trained with the Instant Internet Identity system you can plug straight in to them for once you have graduated to my Instant Ultimate level. Instead of pulling your hair out in frustration search for someone online in a scenario that mostly ends in disaster, both you and them will by now be fully understanding of each others needs.

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Why I Told You To

Start Small THINK BIG!

What I am revealing to you is the step-by-step process that has allowed me to transform the most humble of businesses and bring them to the outside world. Take a look at examples of what this business development and marketing system (not just a website) has done for me and for others! No matter how good your product or service is, if no one knows about you then you and your business will never reach their true potential. How sad is that?

What is holding you back from developing your business to its full potential? Are you as old as Mavis Cox who was 90 years of age? I got her from having a simple website to national and international attention plus ongoing online sales that has lasted years! Are you as busy as Christine Blackledge studying a full-time law degree, running her house consisting of her husband and 4 children...while running multiple home businesses? Or, do you want like most, a website that's bland, resides online unloved and untouched, has little or no engagement, and still expect the world to be knocking on your business door? It's not going to happen!

You decide where you want to take your business. I am showing you what's possible with an upscaleable business model to suit whatever your future goals. In the words of the spiritual activist, Marianne Williamson, "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure." Dare to dream and fulfil what you were wanting when starting your own business. Never has the technology existed previously where you can set your goals higher than ever before!

Nothing To Order On This Page

Only Discuss Further On Skype

As usual, if you believe you are ready to get started at this level, it's the same procedure as before. You will book your Skype call with me below to discuss things. Exclusive of the services and setup we provide here, in this case you must additionally purchase software that you own in your own name. These are the normal costs of running your online activities at this level.

The Instant Ultimate Package

Now Watch Things Go...Zoom, Zoom, Zoom!

What's Included With Your Instant Advanced Package

1. INSTANT Advanced Package

You can select the Instant Ultimate Package as an upgrade from either the Instant Starter Package or Instant Advanced Package, or by making it as your entry point to the Instant Internet Identity system. As a new installation you should anticipate delivery within 30 days and having received all the input needed from you at each respective level.

2. INSTANT Opt-In Imagery

To increase the perceived value of your own video training series and FREE report, you will also have custom imagery for the Home Page, training webpages and downloadable report itself. The report will be viral by having embedded links back to your website should the recipient share it around among friends and colleagues.

3. INSTANT Auto-Responder Setup

The running of a 3rd-party auto-responder system is an ongoing monthly subscription between you and the provider. Normally they come with a free trial period during which time we can set everything up for you. This includes branding, identification, creating your mailing list and sequential emails that will be distributed to your opt-in enquirers on a daily basis and that contain the links to your video training webpages.

4. INSTANT Implementation Preview Skype Call With David Lee

I shall be discusing the specific requirements for you to take full advantage of the Instant Ultimate Package. This will include your marketing strategy with website opt-ins, your video series training and report content, and especially what else you can provide my Instant Internet Assistants with as they implement a social media campaign over the 32 hours hours that comes with this package.

5. INSTANT Video Training Webpages Setup

Each email in your sequential series will have a link for the recipient to return to a new and different webpage for each short video training. During our Skype conversation we will have flushed out the purpose of each, content breakdown and what peripheral content needs to be included to encourage a further call to action to your products/services.

Additionally, your downloadeable report will be accessible on each webpage. We shall review or create your report content so that it answers pertinent questions as well as the most common pre-purchase objections. Your content needs to offer valuable information as it positions you as an authority and with people empathy when doing business with others.

6. INSTANT Private Video Channel

Like the auto-responder system, you shall be subscribing to your own ongoing private video channel. This will be an alternative to the public Youtube platform. At that stage you need added features, higher resolution quality and greater freedom of what you can do that Youtube does not allow, especially when it concerns producing commercial content.

We shall set up the channel for you, removing any technology worries that you may have. Like everything else, I shall include access to video material to show you what to do yourself and how easy this really is.

7. INSTANT Podcasting

Imagine that we started out with a simple website that we have built upon step-by-step. If we had delivered this all at once most people would be overwhelmed. However, now we a going to just add a simple extra feature which we will set up for you.

Simple it may be, but we can use your existing video content and make it available in audio format across multiple podcasting platforms. There is a sector of the market that will listen to your content in the car, on the train, in a bus or at home. You have an expertise in something that others would like to also know about. Tell me...how many of your business competitors have such a marketing system in place? Almost none. You will be acquiring new leads that they could never do by traditional "word of mouth" marketing.

8. INSTANT Word-Of-Mouth Marketing

Consistent with your message-to-market and branding that we created in Instant Internet Starter, you now additionally have marketing tools to use for promoting your business with the personal touch. If you have any business associates in compatible business sectors, then you will be shown how they will want to promote you for everyone's benefit!

Have ever felt nervous participating in the marketing and sales process? With everything that has been set up for you, plus the words that work that I'll give you, you will finally have what's needed to make this easy! The goal is to have people say, "I want to know more." And that's what you and your colleagues will facilitate as the online sales funnel now works for you.

BONUS: INSTANT Internet Assistants *

You are running a business, so you must decide if your time is best suited to making website changes, doing the social media and blogging posts to keep your online presence fresh, dynamic and relevant for Google, or do you delegate? The smart move is it delegate from within, otherwise with outside help.

Now weigh up the costs of you training and overseeing someone to do the things that you may not be best able to explain yourself. You could do like other small business owners do, like give it to a family member or university graduate, but how reliable will that be on an ongoing basis?

You should ask me about the trained team that I have in the Philippines that can help you bypass all of the above. They work in an office, have a management structure to which they report, and is just like having your own multitasking workers being supervised from another office.

* NOTE: This ongoing service is payable monthly and based on the number of weekly hours engaged.

What's The Real Price Of Doing It Any Other Way?


Website Upgrade, Auto-Responder & Private Video Setups And Template Designs For Your Full Colour Business Cards And Promotional Cards

Extra £500 *

* Payable in advance and dependent upon the completion of the Instant Starter and Instant Advanced Packages


What Must I Do Next?

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Is this for you? Let first talk it through on a Skype call together. If you are wanting to make this your entry-level we really need to establish that you are technologically up to speed with everything that's included with all three levels combined.

Especially when it comes to hiring international outsource workers, the perception is that it is either a magic pill solution or a nightmare revisited. With no structure and often without at least a couple of months supervision under their belt 51% of these professional relationships end badly. I shall be there to oversee everything from both sides!

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