Discover The Essential Tips And Secrets
To Market Your Business On The Internet
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You Don't Need To Build Websites But You
Do Need To Understand Your Web Business!

Don’t kid yourself that you don’t need an online presence these days! And I mean more than just having a website that no one can find. You are the captain of your business ship, and you risk being hijacked by internet geeks and webmasters that know NOTHING about marketing on the internet and will cost you a fortune.

Your business is made up of multiple systems. It is imperative that your marketing is based on systems and processes that lead new customers to your door for you to do business with. And wherever possible…it must run on autopilot! “The World’s Leading Internet Marketers Secrets Revealed” was written primarily to shortcut the process that I took years learning from the world’s leading internet marketing experts.

I want to give you five common examples of where business owners sabotage their own business through a lack of education and understanding of their online marketing system:

  • Conducting little or no market research in advance to determine if their chosen market niche is likely to be profitable
  • Spending weeks and months building the “perfect” website that makes no money while being developed
  • Hiring cheap foreign outsource workers to do the work, yet having no clear specifications for the worker to go by
  • Writing out a large cheque for a webmaster to create a technically well built site, but mostly with little or no marketing insight behind it
  • Discovering too late that their website has been hacked because it was not firmly secured by the developers, and worse still, there is no backup/recovery strategy in place

I could have gone on further with other checkpoints that I am fully aware of through first-hand experience. From that list alone, imagine the cost to you and your business that comes mostly out of ignorance. You don’t need this book…but you do need the information it contains or suffer the consequences!

David Cavanagh, Darren Stephens and I have collaborated to bring out what small business owners need today to get themselves online and being effective. I have been marketing successfully on the internet since 2004 and my path has led me to working with other world renown experts when it comes to marketing online and offline.

Darren Stephens, in case you didn’t know it, is the person that launched a university thesis paper by Dr John Gray internationally with his marketing strategy that you may have heard labelled as “Men Are From Mars Women Are From Venus”. Now you know who I am talking about!

David Cavanagh is the most qualified newbies internet coach that I’ve come across. Darren has also had multiple best sellers and has worked directly with many of today’s world leaders! Our book, “The World’s Leading Internet Marketers Secrets Revealed” is an absolute necessity for most small business owners who, in my experience, have very little marketing understanding at all. This book fills the gap!

Book - Postage Zones

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Book - Postage Zones