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Punching Above Your Weight

Having got you off the launch pad with the Instant Starter Package plus my live and online training support, you should now appreciate why progressing to the Instant Advanced Package is the next level you must upscale to. The inclusion of my education programme is an essential ingredient that separates me from being a "website developer" to a business and marketing solutions provider both offline and online. Your investment is the knowledge you acquire as I show you the tools that will get your business in the direction you need to take it.

Now you should be ready to expand upon the platform we built with the Instant Starter Package. We are going to add extra pages to your website to further interact and engage with your visitors and, if you want, to create your own pages. As mention below, Social Media plays a big part as we create, brand and integrate several social sites to your website. And finally, you have the option to work with my team based in the Philippines for the ongoing marketing of your website and social media sites.

Creating A Whole Web Presence And Not Just A Website

The big mistake of many designers and developers is allowing website to become overwhelmingly complex and confusing without asking the business owner, "Why?". If the visitor can't quickly and easily navigate to the "what's in it for them" page then they will leave, often gone forever. Much of the complexity is attempting to address everything for everyone when the majority of visitors needs are limited and very specific.

instant-internet-social-mediaWith the Instant Advanced Package you we are adding 4 interactive webpages designed to engage your audience and establish your credibility as they judge you. These pages include: 1) Testimonials - videos with short client stories, 2) Meet Us - photos and short bio of key team members, 3) News - a direct feed from one of your social media pages, and, 4) Photo Gallery - a direct feed from one of your social media pages

Additionally, we are going to customise up to 4 new webpages according to your business requirements, including the copywriting of each according to your input. This will ensure that your sites come across as being benefit-driven for the visitor and not self-justifying about you and your business.

Having attended my 1-day live training on "The Psychology and Implementation of a Successful Online Marketing Strategy", you will also have been shown how to create/update your own pages. This will be in a separate working website would require you have a new domain name, website hosting account and a copy of the licensed development software. Please note, this feature is not for everyone! Running a business is for many a full-time job, but I am making it available to you. Fair enough?

Branding Your Business Wherever They Find You

Who are you? What do you and your business represent to the outside world? That's what branding is all about, so that you are visually recognisable when people come in contact with your business. From our initial website setup through to our self-identity analysis in my live and online trainings, we are going to flush it out to create your banner branding across your web and social media sites, and that you can even use in any business cards or leaflets that you produce.

With all my experience comes the ability to unearth what makes you unique that can't be copied. Present yourself like everyone else and you are going to be judged like everyone else! This all-important step is what creates a positive first impression. I am looking at how we can build your identity that eventually makes you newsworthy for media marketing, i.e. free advertising! Do you really think now that you are just buying a website? I think not!

Click Play - Showing Our Face For A Reason

Connecting You To A Whole New Social World

I fully understand how this can all appear quite daunting to any technophobe to not only set up, but to run on an ongoing basis. That is why I have eliminated most (not all) of the technical minefields to get everything in place for so you don't have to sweat over this!

instant-internet-social-mediaIf not set up already, you are going to be set up your own accounts for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google/Youtube, Pinterest and Instagram. This is where you can reach those way beyond your website through the embedded connections we'll set up that make your website even more dynamic and Google-friendly, and not a full-time job as you might think it would be.

As I have previously mentioned, this is a copycat world self-confessed entrepreneurs actually look and sound like everyone else instead of standing out and being unique. Social media allows you to be the person who you are...and nobody can copy that!

Through our Skype conversation and my live and online trainings you will know how to quickly and readily create new and fresh content on the fly that becomes a weekly routine in with your other business activities. You may even wish to assign some specific social media activities to various staff members, some of which is shareable where appropriate to do so.

Nothing To Order On This Page

Only Discuss Further On Skype

Whether your wish to upgrade from my Instant Starter Package or get started with the Instant Advanced Package, I still insist on speaking to you on a short Skype call. What we are doing jointly will have a profound impact on your business and I want you to appreciate your role and responsibilities to get the most out of the system. This is not a case of simply handing over the money and expecting a magic-wand solution with little or zero effort on your part.

The Instant Advanced Package

More Than Just A Website With Social Media

What's Included With Your Instant Advanced Package

1. INSTANT Starter Package

You can select the Instant Advanced Package as an upgrade from the Instant Starter Package, or by making as your entry point to the Instant Internet Identity system. Either way, you get everything from the Instant Starter page. As a new installation you should anticipate delivery within 21 days, provided we receive all your video and photo deliverables after our initial Skype consultation.

2. INSTANT Social Webpages

As described above, we are going add a Testimonial page, Meet Us page, News Page and Photo Gallery page, copywriting included! Unlike with a court of law, you are by default, "guilty until proven innocent". Sad, but true.

With this in mind you must see yourself through the eyes of the "suspect" and break down as many barriers and resistance as possible as they judge you in a matter of seconds. These pages are there for a very good reason.

3. INSTANT Discretionary Webpages

Each business has its own unique products, services and promotions, and here is where you can get 4 purpose-built simple webpages done for you, copywriting included! Don't forget that many of your website visitors these days are seeing you on their mobile phones and devices, and therefore keeping things simple and concise will work in your favour.

4. INSTANT Webpage Adding And Changing

Should you wish to, we can set you up with you own website that allows you to use the same plug-and-play software to create simple webpages quickly and easily. Note: this separate working environment will be purchased by you on your own registered domain so as not to break any licensing agreements in place with the live website. We can assist with the setting up of the working environment.

5. INSTANT New Webpages, Logo Ideas And Social Media Call With David Lee

We will discuss each others requirement's for completion and delivery of the Instant Advanced system, whether as an upgrade or in conjunction with Instant Starter Package. We shall review branding ideas, slogans, custom logo, social media campaigns and further deliverables for the new webpages. This is where we brainstorm ideas from inside and outside the business before moving forward.

6. INSTANT Logo Creation

Your logo is a critical tool for recognition and remembrance of your identity. Think about all the logos that big business have spent to create instant public awareness. McDonalds, Apple, Starbucks, Virgin, Coca Cola. You will have a simple, yet effective, design that can be used on your website, documentation, marketing...in fact anywhere! Do not underestimate the value of having this branding insignia.

7. INSTANT Social Media Setup

Once we set up your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram accounts in addition to your existing Youtube Channel, your blog posts will have much greater reach! It is just a matter scheduling/delegating tasks around your own team or, should you wish, approach me for getting my team working for you. In comparison, can you now see why a dormant and static website is something that Google quickly loses interest in?

8. INSTANT Social Media Instructions

The Instant Advanced Package also comes with its own Online Training Library with video instructions on how to run the newly-installed social media sites in conjunction with your blog posts and Youtube videos. Futhermore, at our one-day live training together I shall be covering the marketing rationale that applies with each of these social sites.

8. INSTANT Review Site Embedding

You can decide whether you wish public review comments about you and your business appear on your website from one relevant site, e.g. TripAdvisor, Google, Yell, Agoda, etc. If you are satisfied that you are providing high-quality service then this will further break down any hidden objections of potential customers. In fact, you are making it easy and convenient for them not to leave the site as you establish undeniable 3rd-party proof. Part of your marketing strategy would therefore be to get as many of your existing happy customers to post on the same review site.

What's The Real Price Of Doing It Any Other Way?


Website Upgrade, Branding And Social Sites Setup

Extra £1,200 *

* Payable in advance and dependent upon the completion of the Instant Starter Package


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So you want to go to the very top? Going to the next level, Instant Ultimate, means having your own auto-responder database to build your community, submit automatic Podcast audios with your blog posts, full colour custom-created business and promotional card, setting up your own private video channel, and access to my own outsourcing team in the Philippines.

For most, the next level should only be considered once you are comfortable with everything at the Instant Starter and Instant Advanced Levels.

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