053: Your 4 Daily Action Tasks

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Can I give your task? To help you keep that focus, remember in one of the earlier videos I said I go for a walk to the park? Or I go to the gym? And it helps me with my focus. What I'm trying to do. What I'm trying to accomplish. Let's give you some action points!

Is it possible while you're going to the park, or while you're feeling at ease, every day, maybe the night before... can you come up with four action points? Four daily tasks and prioritise them. The most important things that need to be done. And things that probably could be done most efficiently and effectively, that aren't going to be drawn out. The things that you can keep doing every single day.

If you can set yourself four daily tasks, and you accomplish them, how do you feel? You've accomplished tasks. You've made that phone. You've gone and made a difference. You've completed that business transaction with your customer that's being on stall or been on hold, been delays, whatever!

You just knock four things off every day. For times seven, twenty-eight. Multiply that every single day of the year and that's where it starts growing and developing. And that is the consistency that you just yourself in the motion.

So try doing that. And as I said before, don't "try", don't say that "you're going to do it". These are the things that you're going to do.

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