056: Women’s Top Business Challenges

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Women's Top Business Challenges Revealed. Revealed by? Me, based on what I've observed at my training events by women that I've mentored. And here they are!

The first one is: Feeling Outnumbered.

You're alone. You're a woman. You feel as though it's a man's world, and it can be daunting at times. So, quite often we have to... I say to you this! Girls, you have  to be assertive in what you're doing. You have to be confident in what you're doing, because... I'll use an example.

I saw a lady who loved dressmaking. She loved creating custom-design dresses and garments for women. She was very good at it. She was talented! But there is a big difference between having this passion, this hobby, and turning it into a business.

It's more like not what she did know, but what she didn't know for developing a business. So, when you are developing a business based on, say, developing garments, clothing, dresses, you have to be aware of the marketing. Having people to develop websites for you. Building up customers. How do you do it?

And people like somebody that's assertive and not insecure. They want to know that you are confident in what you do and you've got reciprocal skills. So you've got to get over this feeling outnumbered.

Number two: Feeling Isolated.

Especially if you're working in the daytime and you're developing your business from home. Or you've got spare hours and you feeling like you're all alone. Work together with other people. Now here's my tip. I have noticed that a lot of network meetings, business meetings in the evening, are attended by a lot of men. It can be intimidating. But in the daytime a lot of women, and women's business network meetings are available. Go and connect, because you'll find people there with diverse skills that understand you as a woman, your needs and what you're trying to achieve.

Women, by default, try to help each other and work in. There is no egos like us males have. So there's number two, working together, don't feel isolated.

Finally, number three: Feel Like A Bad Parent.

We have to get over this. I remember when myself and my wife were bringing up the kids and people are saying about bringing up the kids. Not devoting enough time. Whatever they can come up with. You know as a parent what you need to be doing to bring up the children. Do what is needed to fill in the activities of whatever it takes.

But just look at how much time you are spending doing idle things where it could be working on your business, whether you're commuting by transport. Focus on what you've got to do. You've got an hour or two in the evening working out how you can be best managing your time. Time management is essential.

So these are the three tips that I've got. Feeling Outnumbered. Feeling Isolated. Feeling Like A Bad Parent. Go over this tape, this video. Play it again. These are the challenges that I noticed with women. Thank you very much.

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