108: The Five Big Reasons Small Businesses Fail – Bonus

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Hi! It's David Lee, The Cash Flow Investor. It's your bonus day. I decided I had to do something to get you moving forward. Keep you on the right direction. We've talked about the pitfalls, the reasons why small businesses fail. I've identified them for you so you can recognise them if it's happening to you, or be aware of them if they come about as you're moving forward in your business.

But let's give yourself some tasks, some goals, the things you can be doing and be aware of as you move forward and keep your focus. Focus is one the main things!

I call today's bonus video, "Make That Change". Make that change. Most people don't like change. Change they try to resist as much as they can. And they only do it... think of it! It's like putting up with a sore tooth. A sore tooth, you keep putting off till the pain gets so great you've got to go to the dentist. But you'll put it off while you can resist the pain. You won't go to the dentist. Do you know what I mean? Think of any analogy like that.

It comes to the point you're going to have to make that change. And when I do speak out in public I quite often refer to the song by Michael Jackson, "Man In The Mirror". Because when we get up, we go to the bathroom. Guess who we're looking at when we turn around? It's the man in the mirror. It's us. Me, myself and I. Nobody else. And that's who we are accountable for. We are accountable for ourselves that we are going to make that change. Make that change around us.

You've got to make the change first in your own life and when you're looking at the man in the mirror or the woman in the mirror. You've got to know... I'll just be blunt... do you love that person? Are you at ease with that person? Can you look that person in the eyes and feel good about yourself? Because, if you can't, how are you expecting other people feel good about you?

You've got to be able to feel good. And when you talk about whatever it is you're talking to with customers or other people... it's got to resonate in them. So if it doesn't resonate with you, if you're not up and ready for it in the morning, why should other people go along for the ride with you? Why should they be enthusiastic? At times you will get highs and lows. But you've still got to be accountable to the man in the mirror and keep that focus.

Can I give your task to help you keep that focus? Remember in one of the early video I said I go from walk to the park? Or I go to the gym and it helps me with my focus. What I'm trying to do. What I'm trying to accomplish.

Let's give you some action points. Is it possible while you're going to the park, or while you are feeling at ease. Every day. Maybe the night before... can you come up with four action points? Four daily tasks and prioritise them. Most important things that need to be done and things are probably could be done most efficiently and effectively that aren't going to be drawn out. Things that you can be keep doing every single day.

If you can set yourself four daily tasks, and you accomplish them, how do you feel? You've accomplished tasks. You've made that phone call. You've gone and made a difference. You've completed that business transaction with your customer that has been on stall, been on hold, been delays, whatever! You just knock four things off every day. Four times seven... twenty-eight. Multiply that every single day of the year and that's where it starts growing and developing. And that is the consistency that you just put yourself in the motion. So try doing that.

And as I said before... don't try! Don't say that you're going to do it. These are the things that you are going to do.

The next thing I talk about, and I want you to take on board please, educate on demand! You need a mentor. I've needed mentors. But you can't overwhelm yourself. If I had a handful of money in here I'd show you the handful of money. And I'd say to you, "Tell me which of the money that you see my hand, which of it has come from... running a share-trading business, running my own local business, running... I could be doing other investments... property." It all looks the same! The money all looks the same.

So why are we bothered about where it comes from? If we keep our focus, and we good at what we are doing, the money will land in our hand. And does it really matter where it comes from? If you try to bring it in from every single direction before you're ready you will fill half of the cup! You'll have a dozen cups in front of you. You'll fill half of this one, half of this one, half of this one. And they will all be half full, but never being filled to the top. In fact, you'll start through the inaction, you won't move forward.

So, be aware of this. Delegate as you move along. And just educate, but do it in your own time as the need arises. Now, that the path that I've chosen along the way. I've taken mentors into my life. Go over the people that are on my website. Have a look at them yourself and you'll see what I mean. And therefore, the skillset that acquires in abundance over time, and the people you get to know, therefore manifests itself that the opportunities become greater. People come to you. You're the "go to" person for what you're doing because they recognise you and therefore have business partners that you never even saw before because you didn't you the outset. They came as a result of your interactions with what you're doing.

Okay, the four actions everyday. The focus. The man in the mirror. The affirmations that just tell yourself you are good enough. You can do this. It is not out of reach. Do you want to be an employee for yourself, or do you want to grow this business?

So how can you grow the business? How can you market yourself in your area that's going to be different to everybody? How are they going to find you? These are the things that really stand out and make all the difference. It's marketing, self-belief, confidence and everything that people want do business with you. This is the world of distrust. How can you break the distrust? How can you break the wall that separates you from everybody else? Offer the guarantees. All the things I've mentioned along the way.

Okay. Thanks very much. Go and find out about the other people on my website. How they can perhaps help you. If need to, just email me and I'll give you the tips that I can to help you on the way.

But before I go! I've got a membership site. And what I'm going to do in this membership site is everything that you need to know your small business. This business is something that you can go and spend thousands on, or you can come to my membership site where I give you all the information. I give you the videos. I give you the training. There'll be webinars that I've put together. I'll give you access to the people that I've worked with, and you can hear from them.

I'll be growing this community to the see that you have got what you need at your hand. Because most of this, whether you're... as I keep saying, property investor, it doesn't matter! You are primarily in the marketing and communication business for what you do, and I don't see people offering that service the way I'm offering it.

Come along. Everything you see on the website has been something that I've followed the journey myself and I want t be able to assist you the best I can. So please go and subcribe on my membership site, the Cash Flow Investor. We'll be there to show you all your business needs. Not just properly. Not just the economy. It will be marketing. We'll be talking about webinars for all the things we've discussed. You will get to find out about it. An environment where there'll be enough material for you to take some action. And if you want some more specialised help, mentors, they're there for you too.

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