047: Show Me The Money

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The "Keeping Busy" Syndrome. Keeping busy... We can be busy building websites. "David, I'm just building a website, and when it's all up I'll be ready! But before I do this I've got to run off to a meeting. We've got a very important meeting. It could be in our association. I've got to go off, drive to this, meet some people. Then we've got a group meeting afterwards, so that's taking up a bit of time. Of course, I'm doing all this. I'm running around, I'm running around! I'm being busy, looking active." How much money is coming into the till, into your account, as a result of this?

Many people keep busy and the activity is translated to their "doing things". But it's not getting them closer to building their business, getting income coming through the door.

Remember, I didn't call myself the "Property Guru". I didn't call myself a "Lease Option Expert" or anybody specific like that. Many years ago I took the decision. What am I? What am I doing? I'm investing for "cash flow". Cash Flow in the Cash Flow Investor. And so that gave me the mindset that whether I'm in business, whether I'm in property, whether I'm doing marketing, communication. Whatever I'm doing around my business, everything is about cash flow.

And so, I have that there to remind me. And to tell people what I'm about... business, cash flow, systems, organisation. Not just "keeping busy", but moving forward! People love to do business with people that they can see are moving forward. And you have to see the difference. And they will see the difference. If you're keeping busy, they will see it. You're going round and round and round in circles.

I'm just pointing these out because I've seen it. I'm probably guilty of it sometimes myself, but I've really got to take stock. The time that I'm using now, am I talking to somebody, is it wasting time? Is it moving me forward? Am I easily distracted cause I'm reading the emails, going to Facebook, going and doing other things that are not productive. Is my focus being taken away from?

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