045: Is It All About The Money?

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Now when I'm speaking you I get passionate about what I'm talking about. I get passionate about my business. Are you passionate? Are you going to get up in the morning, plan your day, give yourself some things that you've got to do to get you to your goals? And are you going to remain passionate even if it's a lousy day, it's not going right?

What's going to drive you? Remember, if you're in it for the money, it won't sustain you. You've really got to be thinking of the lifestyle and how you're going to get over this. Cause if you haven't got a purpose in your business, if it isn't that baby that I keep talking about, seeing that baby grow, and the baby has teething problems. The baby has a sickness. The baby doesn't always... it doesn't come out the way you plan. You've got to adjust and adapt.

So, if you've got the passion and you surrounding yourself with people that are passionate, that are positive, that are moving you forward, guess what? It is almost impossible not to succeed because your passion will drive you. The people around you will drive you. Your customers will drive you because you've seen that you've been able to make a difference, change people's lives, help them and move them forward! It feels good. It really feels good.

I've got one of my mentors, and now one might business partners, Joel Bauer. I had this in my gut for a long time. I didn't know if I could expressive it. Then I realised the way I'm thinking, feeling is the way other people that are successful think and feel too. That's what makes them different. That's what makes them stand apart from the others who don't care! That really don't have a follow-up plan. That are just in it for today for the money. Here today gone tomorrow! Is that what you want?

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