050: How Well Do You Communicate Effectively?

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Communications. I did a survey recently among property investors. And I say property investors are small business owners, and the same with any small business.

Can you guess what was number one? I thought it would have been financial problems, but it was really marketing problems. Marketing meaning communications.

That was the number one thing that they really had problems with, because they were busy thinking about "deal, deals, deals". In this market you've got to do things differently. And I bet for somebody running their own small business, trying to get that business being different from the next guy, number one problem. I bet it's the same with you.

Communications is the name of the game. If you can differentiate yourself from the next guy and look different. Make an irresistible offer. And one of the things I say, "You've got to be a face!" You've got to be a face behind your business, and in fact, not behind it, in front of your business.

You are the brand. You are the person they're going to come to. In fact, imagine somebody's going to pick up the phone. They want a plumber. They want an electrician. They want somebody to sell their house to, and what's going on in their mind? "Who is it that's going to be on the end of the phone that's coming into my house?"

The trust factor around money, remember, they don't trust! They want to see the proof, the guarantees. And so if you can brand yourself and you become the logical choice because they've of seen you, met you, because you've given them a means through the technology to see you and sample what you can do. They are more likely to want to do business with you. It's the customers, the third-party endorsements I keep talking about, branding you as the business.

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