055: Home Business Startup 101

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Your Home Business Startup 101. This is your overview from my years of experience doing myself, and also showing people, how to start up a business from scratch. It could be that you're doing it in your spare time, whether you're working full-time or you've got time on your hands at home. Could be looking after the children and you want to start a business.

Now, to save you a lot of time and effort and aggravation why don't we do it cheaply? Start small think big. One of the things I see people doing... the mistake is they tried to jump into a business and they don't know how it's going to work out.

Number One: Research the market. You can sell anything these days, especially on the Internet. It's the information age. You need to research the market. Find out what people are looking for. What they'll spend their money on. And, for example, you could go to a website like www.Clickbank.com and see what people are interested in that they're spending money on for what types of information and find out what's popular. Research your market.

Now, before you go and develop any product or services you want to find out what people are really interested in. So you're selling before you've got the product or service ready and available. So you really... it is an information gathering. So you could in fact be just gathering interest. And this could be using your website to get people to opt in to what you've got, bribing them ethically if you need to, to send them some information and then get them interacting with you.

There are so many ways you can do eBooks, short eBooks. You can do webinars. You can do a Google Hangout. You can do a survey. You can do Facebook Live. You can create a Facebook Fan Page with your idea. But you're gathering interest. You're selling the concept. Selling the idea before the product. Does that make sense? It's a lot less expensive.

And finally, once you've established what people are looking for and you've establish credibility with what you've got, the product or service. Then you can deliver. Deliver the product or the service. Now you may wish to, as a startup, run some promotions. Gather testimonials on what it is you're doing. The social proof! Putting it onto your Fan Page. Putting it onto your website.

But this is an easy way, especially when time and money are of the essence, and you can start a home business, trial and error, refine it and develop it from that. That is how I've started in many businesses I've developed and it's what I suggest to people that want to give it a go and see how it goes. But especially if you've got a mentor or somebody overseeing the process that can give you guidance along the way.

So this was Home Business Startup 101. And my name is David Lee. Thank you very much.

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