029: Finding Opportunity Like An Entrepreneur

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The customer guarantee! This is what I talked about...the customer guarantee. What's your guarantee? There's the road ahead. They don't take any risks. What is it that you offer?

And to arouse the customer success? I say to them and I said at the end. I don't know if they get it because they can't really, when they've been in that environment they don't get it.

When I did my first house deals I virtually had to do this. Get ready! The "Law of Reciprocity" says you give out something and you get back 10 times more. You give out goodness, you give out wellbeing, you give out positive energy, it comes back 10 times over.

I don't believe it these days, Rajesh. I believe it goes something like this. [Exploding carrot]

You have to do the "Big Carrot" offer and the "Big Carrot" offer in the early days when I was starting off with Mr and Mrs Cynical, Sceptical, all this. I was giving them house deals that they should just about fall over. I was giving them the pot of gold. And as I demonstrated at Passion2Profit, when I show people a pot of gold what's their reaction typically when they see the pot of gold?

Rajesh: "It's a scam. It is too good to be true. You can't pull the wool over my eyes. I wasn't born yesterday."

Absolutely! So your "goldfish bowl" background has told you, your triggering has told you, exactly how to program your mind. Now, as a business systems person that is analytical, as a marketing person that has to understand the mindset of the market...can I go in with a sceptical mindset into an organisation about how they need to fix up their organisation? Can I go into a court case on doing jury duty with, "I don't like look at that guy. Guilty!" Can I do that?

Rajesh: "No."

Why not? You've already judged me sight unseen. You've already...

Rajesh: "Sorry. Did you say, 'You need to go in with a sceptical mindset?'"

The same mindset that you had with the pot of gold, can you go...like I worked in organisations, working and having to fix up their business systems. Can I, when I go and look at their organisation, when I look at their computer systems, when a look at their people-interaction systems, when I see how people liaise, when I see how they liaise efficiently or inefficiently or anything, can I walk in there and prejudge them? I can't. I have to go in with an open mind and uncover what's going on. I have to.

The same when I go into jury duty. I have to go in with an open mind. Am I correct?

Rajesh: "Yes."

Why you not doing the same in real life? Why are you allowing your conditioning to predetermine that something is guilty until is deemed innocent?

Because why cannot you look and say, "Okay...", cause this is what entrepreneurs do, "Okay, I see what it is. Let me observe it. Let me evaluate it. Let me see how it all fits together. Let me see if that makes sense. Let me see how it works from my point of view. Let's see how it works from the other party's point of view."

Why can't we do that? If we are an entrepreneur isn't that the way that we have to go about looking at opportunity?

Rajesh: "Yes."

And if we are not doing it, can you tell me...cause this is the part I don't get, how will you ever find an opportunity if it slaps you in the face? If that pot of gold sitting right in front of you, how are you ever going to see it Rajesh?

Rajesh: "You can't unless you're open minded and aware of the opportunities."

But you have conditioned your mind and you saw them at Passion2Profit. I noticed it last time and I've noticed it other times. They have already conditioned their mind about me, about my wife, about the event, and yet they are coming looking for business opportunities. They're looking to create a change. They're looking to be entrepreneurial. They're looking for all these attributes. And for the life of me I can't understand how somebody expects this to happen, knowing we are all conditioned and we need to get out of this environment.

How is it possible they can get out of the 95% if they've walked in that state of mind? And that is their state of being in their life. Because this is taken decades to achieve this state of mind. How is it really possible?

Rajesh: "Well they have to sort of what's going up in here. Until they get rid of the conditioning they'll will always be like that. I've even noticed the part when it came to the closing part of the event of the Passion2Profit. Some people weren't convinced, even though you had given then a lot of genuine information. The information was life-changing, literally."

Because, and I'm not going...I understand it. When you've got your customers understand not everybody is going to be your customer. They are going to be...I haven't got it here. It's a slide I had before. They are going to be conditioned in their ways. You can not change them. They are going to belong to a percentage that just go about, and if they go from event to event. That's why I make people pay at least a book to get to the event. At least it will at least sort out some of the people. I'm direct with what I say, because I want entrepreneurial-minded people that are open-minded and yet they still come with that same frame of mind.

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