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Take a look at that face! That's why I've called this presentation, "Energise Your Business Today". I'll give you a secret. Most people are so bland and boring. It's as if they need a "personality transplant".

It's so easy to amplify your business, and you can do it! That is why of put here the subtitle, "Passion To Profit". If people can see your enthusiasm for what you do they will feel good about you and they are more likely to want to do business with you. Isn't that what you want?

And so, point number one I'm going to give you is: Give Your Business A Personality. An identity, so they can look at you and feel good. Now look at that face! Look at that smiling face. Girls... well what you feel about seeing somebody looking like that? Excited about the brand-new day. And even guys... you can look at that and say, "Well that's how I want to feel, even if I'm not feeling like that."

That is the energy that I talk about. Can you feel it in your expression? When you talk on the phone. When you meet somebody in person. That what you do you are enthusiastic about cause you're good, aren't you? You know what you're doing. You can help that person. Let's go into number two.

It's going to be: Why Should I Do Business? Give me your three whys. Your whys in three. And it's got to be Benefit 1, Benefit 2, Benefit 3. Not for me, for them! What are the benefits? So practice what it is that you deliver that people can take away as, "Why they should be doing business with you and nobody else?" So give yourself the three whys.

This is the elevator pitch so that if you meet somebody, by chance they say, "What is it you do?" You can say, "Well this is what I do...", in three. Have your business card out there ready, and had that energised look on your card. And so that they remember what it is that you do. They remember who you are.

And finally, number three is: Give Me Your Feel-Good Factor. Okay? What's the take-away that I feel good about you? I will give you an example. I needed some work done on the roof to the house. Now I had three people come over and only one of them came in and made me feel good. "Hi! How you doing? My name's Bill. What you doing? This is what we can do. I've done this before. Come and have a look at this. I want to show you."

He was talking to me as a person. And yet the other two came in as if I'm just another person doing a quotation for. My innate feeling was I would rather do business with Bill. He made me feel good and he made me feel as though he was going to fix my problem. Get it?

So these are the three things that I'm going to give you today to energise your business. Give Me Your Personality. Give Me Your Benefits In Three. What's the three whys that you offer me, and, Give Me Your Feel-Good Factor.

Thank you very much. My name is David Lee.

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