041: Do You Suffer From Procrastination?

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Procrastination! Yes, we thought about it long and hard when we were an employee. We came and we said, "We've got an entrepreneurial mindset". We're a business owner. We want to grow "this baby". We want to see it develop, except... you haven't got really the mindset.

An entrepreneur, unlike an employee in many ways, will make a decision quickly, "go with the gut", the instinct, and change seldom. They will go forward. They will move it, but they will not deviate from their basic way of what they were setting out to do from the outset.

So, you see it at presentations and seminars... How many times have you seen the same people going and buying another product? An internet marketing. A property. A property product. Share trading. They jump from one to another to another, and none of these systems work... for them! And yet they work for other people.

Because what happens is they do strike one... strike two... strike three... and they're out. Cause they're not "in it" and they're not giving the application that's really needed to give it a chance, give themselves a chance.

Come on! You go to university for how long? You go for years and years and there's no guarantees. There's no guarantees that you'll get a job. There's nothing at all, and yet you will devote so much time and effort to get your grades, go through the system, in a system that is so, quite often, out of date with what's going on, especially in the technological world and the business and finance world. And yet, being able to implement for a period of six months to get the skill sets, the new skill sets... they give up too often, too quickly.

So, procrastination... Make up your mind, go ahead and do it, and give yourself a chance.

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