069: Bringing Up Baby Like A Business

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Why running a business is like bringing up a baby. I talk about this subject at live presentations to business owners, want-to-be business owners, men and women. And by the very words that I've broken this presentation up into the words conceive, love, nurture.

My experience has been that there is often a connect with the female members of the audience and a disconnect, I don't say entirely, but a disconnect with the male members of the audience.

Why is that? Why can we not talk about our business the same way that we talk about our loved ones, like the baby that we're bringing into the world. That we brought into the world. We conceived it. We prepared for the baby. Don't we do that with your business?

And when you talk about your baby, aren't you proud of it? Aren't you full of such pride that you want to let people know, and you want to tell them about the achievements of that baby as he or she grows? Because they feel the emotion. They feel the connection. Because it's an experience we share quite often amongst ourselves.

So, if you cannot share that with how you express how you feel about your business, you're missing the point. You're missing the point because many people, and males especially, they think in terms of the logical side, the monetary side, the power, the achievement, the ego. And the women don't see it. I am being very generalistic here. I'm probably politically incorrect, but do you understand what I'm saying?

The words that we use. How we feel about the business that we are running. What we're trying to do. Are we in it for the money? Do we have a backup service? Do we show that we care or that we are interested in the person that is perhaps investing in us? Looking at us and hoping, quite often, that we are the solution and we make them feel at ease.

Therefore, as we bring this business up we are nurturing the business and we are bringing it... of course we will get challenges, just like you have the challenges with bringing up a baby. There are times where things don't go right. Where the things happen that you didn't expect. People let you down. Customers don't respect you. You know what I'm talking about? A partner, a business partner that you worked with, who said that they were on target, on plan with your aspirations, with your goals. And what happened? They let you down, didn't they?

You see, I view this as bringing up the baby. Of giving it life. Creating independence of this entity that I create. And making it eventually independent, grown up, so I can do other things. Do you want to be spending your whole life around always bringing up the baby and never allowing it to achieve independence, or do you just want be able to say, "It's there."?

I've got everything in place. I've got it automated. I've got staff where needed. They know the systems. They know the routines. We've got a customer base. We connect. We've got everything set up. Or do you want to do it all yourself? Think about it. Are you doing everything yourself in so many areas where you're not specialised, and it's really to the detriment of your business?

My name is David Lee. Take a look at my website. Register for my five-day training series. Perhaps we could work with each other to help grow your business and achieve what you're wanting to get out of your business. Thank you.

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