083: Breathe Reflect Meditate

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Breathe. Reflect. Meditate. Stop what you're doing for a moment. We get caught so much in the hustle and bustle that we don't have time to even talk, sit back, reflect on what we're doing. How often have you said, "We ought to meet up sometime soon", to a friend? And when does it happen?

We're rushing around time and time again. And what happens is that, by default, especially if you're living in a city, the stress levels build up and up and up. What do you think the consequences are on your health, on your decision-making, on the type of person you are to be around if you allow that to continue unabated year in year out?

It affected my health! It affected me. I knew I had too much going on, but I was in the middle of things and we don't even realise it. People observe that you're not looking too well. They make comments. And I was probably the last person to be aware of it. I had to stop and get out and take time off.

I call it just, "David time". When do you get, "You time"? Time for you. And when you look at that photo it tells my story. I have to get back some of my time and say to myself, "Why am I doing what I'm doing?" Am I just chasing the money? What purpose am I doing every single task that I'm doing? And quite often it may not even be appreciated what you're doing.

Do you understand what I'm saying? Without your health what good are you to anybody? What good are you to your business? What good are you to your family? To your friends? To your clients? You're really no good at all. You have to look after you first before you can help others. Look after yourself and you can help more people.

So whatever... if you are in the middle that cycle, go to a cliffside. I don't mean to jump. But look out at the world turning. When you look out at that everybody down below, all their hustle and bustle and running around. They're busy in the emergencies and they've got deadlines. And you get a height like that and you say, "The world's still going to turn. The sun's going to come up the next morning. Will it really make any difference if I buy a bit of my time back?"

I see so many people, and I've been guilty, chasing the money. They're chasing, they're chasing and chasing because they're overcommitted or things just didn't work out. It's like their life is in disarray. We can't function like that as human beings. I'm not here to lecture you, but I suggest that you look at the consequences of your health.

Going for a walk. The diet that we eat. Just look up things like the consumption of sugar, alcohol, what we're putting in our bodies with the diet that we have. And ask yourself, "What is the net effect going to be?" Is it any wonder we have heart attacks, we have cancers? Where does it all come from? What we're doing to our lives. What we're inhaling. What we're eating...

There are more important things than what we're doing. I know we have to get by. But breathe, reflect and meditate. And ask yourself if you've achieved something, if you've achieved a goal... celebrate it. Take a break. Reflect on what it is you do. This is your daily business workout. Because we get so caught up in the rat race, we don't even realise we're part of the problem. We become a rat ourself.

My name is David Lee. Thank you.

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