046: Are You Always Just Getting Started?

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The "Just Getting Started" Syndrome. Just getting started, but something got in the way. I meet people, "David, I'm saw you last time and I was really getting started, but I had a family crisis just crop up. But, it all over now! I'm just getting started." Or, "We had some problem at work. I had to work back. I had to work weekends. But that's now all out of the way and I can get back to what I was doing. I'm just getting started!" And time and time again we're just getting started.

And so it just never gets off the ground. When you decide that you're going to go into something, you have to go into it and plunge yourself into it and move forward. It has to become like I talked about yesterday. The passion has to overwhelm you and so it pushes you.

It's like I... over the time, when I was going through what I was doing, I felt as though there was somebody, or maybe is outside my body, I was having an external body experience, somebody watching down over me directing me that I had to do this. I had to keep moving forward, because if I didn't that voice in my head was saying, "You should be doing that." You can't just be going off loafing, or goofing off, or doing whatever. You need to be going back to doing what you're doing.

Another thing that drove me from this "Just Getting Started" Syndrome that I call, and it's always, "What if?", "Yes, but...", "Oh, I didn't know what to do next..." was that accountability. Accountability when I have to go back to my mentors, to my now business partners. I could not go and look them in the face if I couldn't honestly say that I'd done the best I possibly could and therefore, if I had an issue, I had a problem, it's because I tried, not tried, I did, I implemented to the best I could. But, maybe I had an issue that I need help with. That's what mentors are for.

But to not take that accountability. To say that you're just going and these excuses come up time and time again. I hear it all time. As an entrepreneur, as a business owner, your business will just stop! If somebody said to you, "Oh, we just had to stop our business because an employee's been off sick, but they'll be back in two weeks." Do it with your business and not have contingency plans. I'm sorry, but your business will go by the wayside too. You have to be able to get started, make it happen. And this "What if" syndrome, "Yes, but...", "What if?", all the time. You must deal with it and keep moving. You must have momentum with what you're doing.

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