028: Why You Must Reinvent Your Business

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Why you must reinvent yourself? Now it doesn't matter even if you're in the job and you're staying in the job you quite often you going to need to reinvent yourself to differentiate yourself from everybody else. And to...what you didn't get in a conventional education at university or at school or even in the corporate background.

If you could bring ideas into the organisation that they can implement, that they would never have come up with themselves, you will be seen as somebody with greater value. And literally I do, for two days at Passion2Profit, I show you things that could be implemented in the workplace. We show you how to communicate effectively that will make a difference.

Now, I will make a point here. This is a typical organisation in the baby boom era when everything was booming. We'd have large organisations. We'd have deep level chain of command, and that's the way it was. Unfortunately, moving forward a lot of the retrenchments that goes on means a lot of people are going to be losing their job.

That model, for a lot of business organisations, is like a dinosaur. It is too expensive. It's got all the overheads with premises and everything and something's got a give about that and something's got to change. And some just go out of business, be made bankrupt, it's too late. Others will have to restructure the way they're doing business.

Now take a look moving forward, okay. Where not looking at the past or present. If everything that I've been showing you over last week and this evening make sense well things have got to happen different.

And what would be a different model will be a shallower chain of command and the people that you, if I can get the mouse here. The people that are on the front line are now got more responsibility. They're more...they've got decision-making qualities that the other guys, the little cogs right down the bottom, didn't have.

And so, these people become the frontline officers in a more flexible environment. Decision-makers and people that can as say "yes" or "no" instead of having to always send it up and down the line with all the bureaucracy. So they will become more like the field officers. Now, what's the good thing about this is if you are in your own small business you can have a "look and feel" which would be identical to these field officers.

So quite often you can set yourself up looking like the same person, cause if I'm in that organisation, "Hi! I'm David. I'm out here in West London. I represent XYZ company, but you come to me for everything you need. I'll sort out everything you going to do." You in your small business, "Hi! I'm David from David Limited..." I'm going to be the same. I'm going to do everything that you need, but guess what?

Corporates are very slow, very structured. They don't know how to do things differently, but you will. As a result, if you are willing to adopt and think differently to connect with people because this will be a people environment. People will have less money to pick and choose from, so they will pick the ones that they connect with and the ones they feel are going to look after them.

And it will be, you must, you prefer dealing face-to-face rather than these large anonymous corporations that you don't know who you are. So that is one the symptoms, and as we said, this model that we saw last week, this "dinosaur" where you are expendable to somebody overseas, by somebody that can be replaced, by computer program, by the information age. You've got a be to look and say, "Is this me moving forward?"

Because this will be the outcome. This will be the result. You will be a dinosaur waiting to happen.

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