042: Are You Aware Of The Warning signals?

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Ignoring the warning signals. Maybe it was cosy in that office or where you were working for somebody. Didn't have to think about it. The economy looks bad. You've got see about the changes in the market. Who your customers are. Are they changing because something came up in the newspaper, and what you're offering may not be the "flavour of the month" any more. Could you have seen it?

I talk about seeing the warning signals. It could me from seeing the leaders, the people that are seeing things changes… I've got a person by the name of Harry Dent. Now I've known him for 20, almost 20 years, and seeing what he's been doing. For me, it is a warning signal where I need to be going with my business next, in anticipation, and not too late. Because we like to follow and do what everybody else is doing. We feel comfortable in doing the same thing.

I saw it in the property market. Everybody was doing "Buy to Let". Everybody was borrowing the money from the bank, and yet, I could see the market coming tumbling down. But nobody wanted to see it, believe it or acknowledge it. They wanted to do the same as everybody else. And so your peers, quite often, can bring you down. They're going to be the ones that you don't want to deviate from, and to your misfortune that this to happen.

Entrepreneurs think differently and quite often they do the exact opposite of what everybody else is doing. Just think of "the herd". The herd, as I've mentioned, the herd nearly always gets slaughtered. The little lambs go to the slaughterhouse and that's what happens to them. Because the entrepreneur sees this, anticipates it and moves forward, keeps moving forward cause they see it.

So are you ready to think differently? To look at the warning signs. To do what it takes, not just in your business today, but for the future.

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